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Fic where Cas joins Dean on a hunt and they get struck with a curse that only allows them to describe a person/place/thing but not say the actual name, leading Cas and Dean to reveal their love for each other as they describe one another poetically.

Dean: Oh, the angel of Thursday.
Cas: Oh, the Righteous Man.
Dean: Oh, my best friend.
Cas: Oh, my only friend.
Dean: Oh, the bluest eyes ever blued.
Cas: Oh, the greenest eyes ever greened.
Dean: Oh, that fine piece of an ass…

Dean: …wait a minute, what did i say?

I wrote this fluffly drabble for Kari ( casincharge ) because she’s feeling sick. So here, have cute human Cas with the flu, and Dean taking care of him. Feel better soon. <3

You’re lucky I wrote this for you even after you threw up all over my blog, I am such a good friend, lol.

Dean cautiously shuffled into the room of the bunker that had belonged to Castiel ever since the angel had become human. Both of Dean’s hands were full; one carried a bowl of chicken soup, whereas the other was holding a large glass of fresh orange juice.

Only Cas’ watery blue eyes and the messy dark strands of hair on top of his head could be seen from where Castiel was hiding in his nest of blankets.

“Hello, Dean.” He croaked out in a raspy voice.

“Hey, buddy. How are you feeling?” Dean asked, carefully placing the soup and juice on the nightstand.

Castiel was suffering from the flu, and seeing as it was the first time that the former angel had to deal with any kind of human illness, Cas wasn’t taking it all that well.

“I feel horrible.” Castiel said matter-of-factly, not sugarcoating it in the slightest.

Dean nodded as he sat down on the edge of Castiel’s bed. “I know, Cas… I made you some chicken soup though, they say it helps.”

Castiel’s brow furrowed, his eyes skeptically peeking at Dean. “Humans honestly believe that chicken soup is a proper medicine to cure influenza?”

Dean rolled his eyes at Cas’ smartass comment. “It’s just a human thing, Cas. I suppose it’s between the ears, man. People believe that chicken soup makes them feel better. Just like they believe that something stops hurting when you put a kiss on it, and all that sort of crap.”

“Really? Humans believe that a kiss makes pain go away?” Castiel asked as he tried to sit a little straighter, his interest piqued all of the sudden. “Does it?”

“I don’t know, I never tried.” Dean replied, holding in a chuckle of amusement. “But I’m guessing it’s a giant load of bullshit.”

“But you never tried, so you can’t know for sure if it works or not.” Cas remarked.

“No, Cas, I don’t know for sure.” Dean answered, trying not to laugh at the angel’s innocent face.

There was a brief staring contest, during which neither of them said anything. Castiel was the first to break the silence.

“My lips hurt, Dean.” He stated bluntly, puffy red eyes looking up at Dean from under long lashes.

Dean narrowed his eyes at Castiel. Ah, not so innocent after all then.

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Destiel AU

Castiel works at the Gas-N-Sip right on the edge of town. On a slow afternoon, an attractive customer saunters in. He wanders through the store, picking up items and putting them down three aisles over to Castiel’s annoyance. When the customer finally comes up to the counter with a pack of beer, he flashes Castiel a grin. ”Howdy, Castiel. Nice day, huh, angel?”

The customer - Dean, Castiel learns on his second visit when he pays with a card - returns every week at the same time and makes the same beer purchase. He takes longer and longer messing up the aisles, though, and loiters in conversation after his beer is paid. 

Castiel tentatively considers Dean a friend despite only seeing him maybe for an hour or so a week at his place of employment. Six months after Dean’s first appearance, Castiel asks Dean if he’d like to meet when Castiel is off. Dean’s eyes flash black, “Angel, I’d love to.”

Nora, Castiel’s boss, never hears from her favorite employee again. 

Anonymous asked: could you write one in canon verse where Dean and Cas kiss at last but Dean freaks out about it and demands that Cas uses his angel powers to erase it from his memory? I read this prompt once, thought it would be cool :)

Author’s note: It got a bit angsty, but surprisingly, I still like it a lot. Oh well, I hope you like it. 

Castiel was fully aware that he shouldn’t be here; Dean had made it clear on multiple occasions that he hated it when Castiel did this. He could practically imagine Dean saying the words in his mind ‘you don’t watch people while they’re sleeping, Cas! It’s creepy!’. Nevertheless, the angel found himself frowning down at Dean’s sleeping form.

At first, Castiel had never quite been able to understand his fascination with Dean Winchester, but after he’d temporarily been human, he was finally beginning to grasp what his feelings towards Dean meant. He loved Dean, there was no other word for it, as inconvenient as it was to harbor those kind of feelings when someone didn’t return them.

“Cas…” Dean’s slurry voice sounded anxious, scared.

It reminded Castiel why he’d come down here in the first place; Dean had called his name before, but apparently instead of praying he’d been talking in his sleep.

Dean tossed and turned, tiny beads of sweat forming on his forehead, his entire frame shivering. He was having a nightmare. Nothing Castiel hadn’t witnessed before… A ragged breath fell from Dean’s lips.

Castiel sighed, carefully sitting down on the edge of Dean’s bed. The angel hated it that even when Dean was supposed to rest, he often couldn’t, because he was still haunted by the many demons from his past. In his sleep, Dean rolled over on his side so that he was facing Castiel. Dean’s hands were frantically grabbing the sheets until his knuckles turned white. When Dean actually whimpered and tears spilled from the corners of his closed eyes, Castiel’s heart broke.

Against his better judgment, the angel reached out a hand and rested it against the side of Dean’s overheated face. He could already predict that Dean was not going to appreciate this, but he couldn’t stand watching it any longer. He soothingly stroked the pad of his thumb up and down Dean’s cheek as he whispered “Wake up, Dean. You’re having a bad dream…”

There was a choked gasp as Dean’s terrified green eyes flew wide open, and another sharp intake of breath when Dean realized that Castiel was with him.

Castiel hastily removed his hand from Dean’s face while he prepared for the worst, realizing that he was seconds away from getting kicked out by an angry Dean.

“Cas?” Dean breathed, voice hoarse.

“My apologies, Dean…” Castiel decided to start off by letting Dean know that it was an accident. “You were calling my name, and I assumed you were praying so I came down to see what was wrong…”

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Hey guys, so I’m officially back! Please send in all your acts of kindness to get a fic and be put in the book for Misha! You can read the mission statement here :)

Out of all the fucking possible community service credits, Dean had to land himself with the squirrels. That’s not a metaphor or anything, Dean literally got stuck with the squirrel shelter. Which isn’t even a shelter, the engineering major realizes as he turns the doorknob to enter the place; it’s a house. Somebody is running a goddamn squirrel rescue centre out of their fucking house.

The place is flurry of activity. People are feeding squirrels, and talking to them, and cuddling them, and Dean hates the furry things, he really does, but then this guy walks past him holding this tiny little being all wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito, and Dean feels his resolve weaken.

“Uh, hello?”

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Hey everyone, so for about a month over the summer I won’t have access to a student loan from the government to help pay my rent. This is kind of an issue because I am a poor uni student, so I’m thinking I’ll either do a PayPal fundraiser OR some writing (destiel, most likely) commissions because I really, REALLY need the money, I’m not sure the jobs I’m applying for will be enough to cover it, and my family can’t afford to give me much money at all.

As well as this, it’s a (probably stupid) dream of mine to be able to fly to America and go to the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. I currently have NZD$1000 saved, and need at the very least another NZD$2000 as the bare minimum for flights and entry/accommodation. I’m applying everywhere I can for jobs that will let me save money towards this as well as pay rent, but there really aren’t any available. 

So as you can see, this is a last ditch plea to all of my lovely followers to help me out and a) pay rent, and b) do something I’ve wanted to do my entire life.

If you could give me your thoughts, commissions, donations or any ideas on this that would be FANTASTIC.

My email for PayPal is

Link to other shit I’ve written just in case you want to take a look and give me a commission, not sure what I’ll charge yet if I do this though.


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I think one of my favorite things about Dean and Cas's relationship (romantic and just in general) is how unexpected and odd it is. I mean, they do share certain core things and traits; but really, Cas is the last person i'd expect Dean to be friends with. He's so different from what Dean's used to. They balance each other out so damn well, it's beautiful.

It really is amazing. :’) And that’s what’s pulled me into their story so much I think, because it was all so unexpected, and really just so fucking tragic. But I guess ultimately that’s what makes a compelling love story, two people who fall for one another despite how different they seemingly are, and the struggle to fight against all of the things that keep them apart.

When they’re together they just work so damn well, and as you said they do balance one another out. They have forgiven one another for things they probably wouldn’t forgive anyone else for. They always find their way back to one another despite the universe seemingly trying it’s hardest to keep them apart. But that’s love, sometimes it makes no sense and it’s unexpected but…if it works, it works. :’)