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It’s scary to open your heart to someone and to be vulnerable. But guess what? Vulnerable people are powerful people. Here is Amy P. on easing into love and loving love. We love it!


so there’s this thing called i hardcore ship Amy and Aubrey in a serious way hahaha i know they joke about it all the time but i honestly think they would be so good together! 

i had to make a post for this quote: “She’s already kind of my girlfriend, and I’m not saying that in a jokey way,” Plaza tells Rolling Stone. “We had a moment last year, late at night, when we decided we were gonna end up together. For now, we have to let boys come and go, but we’re kind of in love.” - Aubrey Plaza

Also i love when Aubrey was talking about Parks and said….

“The only pressure comes form myself. I put pressure on myself at first just because I was intimidated. When I made Amy Poehler laugh, it was a big thing for me. She’s been one of my role models since high school, because she started UCB, which is what I wanted to do since high school.” - Aubrey Plaza