get to know me meme: [5/8] friendships ✴ winston bishop & schmidt

I don’t know why you want this damn fish so bad. But what I do know is that it’s gonna make you happy. And that’s all I care about. Remember, I’m the one who shaved your shoulders after you got that scoop neck sweater.


"Do…do you think (Y/N) is flirting with Cas or something? Look at his face."

Requested by: @your-average-nerd

Imagine Carlos taking Cecil to a surprise trip to a zoo in his hometown and having a hard time convincing Cecil to step inside because “Seahorses aren’t real Carlos, and neither are giraffes! They are lies fed to us by the government to cover up-” and then within five minutes is wearing a hat shaped like a zebra face and is dragging a relieved Carlos forward to help feed the penguins, squealing as he has just seen a sign for tigers (“Maybe they float like Khoshekh!”)


Pokekindness has had a makeover! To celebrate we’ve got a really cute pokemon this time. A Diancie from the Japanese event!
To enter: Reblog, and I’ll pick someone at random in a few days. :) The entry fee is to go put something cool in Wonder Trade.
Please, I do ask that everyone who enters does go and put something great in Wonder Trade. Something that will make some random person smile! Whether it’s a hard to get Pokemon, or a great item, or something, please try. The whole point of this is to brighten up the community, so go make someone’s day! (Not sure what a good Pokemon is? See the FAQ on the page.) Winner must respond within a few days and collect no later than a week after, or it gets released into wonder trade!

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