hello everyone!!!!!! my name is denti and i’m in some desperate need of money. i’m taking commissions!!!!!!! selling my possessions isn’t going well so i’m turning to my art. if any of you like what you see, i hope you’ll consider comissioning me! 

Contact me at shrinemaiden@live.com for commissions and inquiries!

Commission Info:

  • my paypal is shrinemaiden@live.com
  • i am disabled, i ask for your patience if i don’t get your commission to you in a timely manner.
  • payment comes first!
  • if commissioning a painting, i kindly ask for your patience. these will take time for me.
  • being as detailed as possible really helps! you can give me paragraphs of detail if you have to! i would love that!
  • i don’t draw nsfw right now. sorry!
  • i will, however, draw blood and gore.

                               Commission Types!

Sketch Commissions - $5

(example image) (example image)

  • $2 for every extra character

Flat Commissions - $5

  • $3 for every extra character
  • $2 for a background

(example image) (example image)

Digital Painting Commissions - $20

(example image) (example image)

  • $5 for every extra character
  • $5 for a background
  • $5 for a full body image
  • Be explicitly detailed!

Open slots

  • (open)
  • (open)
  • (open)
  • (open)
  • (open)

Hey guys I wanna try saving enough money to take my dog to the vet because she’s having some breathing problems and stuff and I wanna get her checked

So I’ll be taking $5 commissions and the’ll be drawn like my dog up there. If you want one please e-mail me at y_tech_p@yahoo.com or donating would be nice too!


bc i am poor & scraping by and my parents dont give me money anymore im throwing out full body comms!

it’ll be just $20 each full color w/ simple bg

i’ll have 4 slots open and will update this post with availability

Sketch commissions are still open also! those are only $5 each! Any additional characters (for any of the commissions are $5 more dollars)

please send me an ask if you’re intrested




well i’m hear to fulfill all of your wildest dreams!!!!

basically i’m low on funds and i need some plan of raising money so here’s the deal: i will draw anything you like except for a few minor things which i will list in a little bit for the following prices (dollars are US, if you go by a different currency, pls convert it for yourself) :

sketch commissions:

  • bust: € 3 / $ 3.24
  • full body: € 5 / $ 5.40

lineart + simple shading commissions:

  • bust: € 5 / $ 5.40
  • full body: € 7 / $ 7.56

flat colour commissions:

  • bust: € 8 / $ 8.64
  • full body: € 10 / $ 10.81

full colour + shading commissions:

  • bust: € 13 / $ 14.05
  • full body: € 15 / $ 16.21

extra characters: + € 5 / $ 5.40 each

things i will NOT draw:

  • explicit pornographic content
  • extreme gore
  • there might be other things, though i will explicitly state whether or not i’m ok w/ drawing your commission if you contact me

if you wish to commission me, please contact me through e-mail at: zoespringer@hotmail.com

for questions or anything you can just shoot me an ask, anon or not!!

thank you for reading! ozo

$5-7 Commissions!

Listen up y’all! So it turns out a real tight friend of mine is in an equally tight situation, and I want to help them out! This being said, I’m opening up a special shoulders-up commission. 

So, basically I’ll draw whatever character you want, doesn’t matter if it’s and OC or a canon character, mythical or real, furry or human… with the only exception being mechas, because I can not draw robots. 

For a fully colored shoulders up picture like the one below, the price will be $7! 

But for a flat colored shoulders up picture, it’ll be $5

Please email me at cpshuu@gmail.com if you’re interested! 

I’ll have 10 slots available, but be prepared to give me either 1-3 reference pictures, or a very detailed description, preferably with references as well

I require payment upfront, and I will send you the sketch before moving on to line art and coloring. For more of my art, check this link, please! To see my full commissions, look here.

please help!!

Several months ago I got into some trouble and I now owe money to the court at a rate of $50 a month. At the time of the arrangement I was able to pay it off through babysitting, but I haven’t babysat in almost 2 months and I am broke! I need $50 by the end of the month (April 30) or I could be in really big trouble. 

I can knit scarves for $20 plus shipping, any color and I can even add little felt designs to them! (like strawberries, cats, etc) I will also have art commissions open, $5 for a sketch and $10 for a fully colored piece made on SAI. Examples of my art here. If you don’t want anything and would just like to donate my paypal is maximum.ride211@gmail.com. There is also now a donate button on my blog for ease of access.

If there was any other way I could make money I wouldn’t do this, but honestly I’m freaking out about this. I’m frantically applying to places trying to get a job, but in the meantime I desperately need money or I could get charged more money or worse. If you can’t donate or buy anything please signal boost this thank you!!!