Product code: IF145-095-1

Product Overview

Only worth .25 USD as currency, but invaluable when used as a pocket size tool.

Many products have large flat-head like fasteners designed to be turned by a United States Quarter Dollar. Most residents of the USA will already have one of these handy, so this offer is more for our international customers who may not have an appropriately sized coin available, or people crazy enough to pay $2.95 for a $0.25 coin… Of course that means that for every purchase $2.70 is helping iFixit continue providing great manuals and answers for millions of people!

Your coin may be any year, it may be new, it may be well used. We only guarantee it’s in serviceable condition as a handy pocket size tool, and worth at least 0.25 USD. These Quarters are from 2 sources, our founder’s parking meter change stash (enabling him to support local government with parking fines), and from the pinball machine in the iFixit lobby that is set to “free play” but still manages to collect a few stray Quarters.

Product Details

  • Currency: USA Dollar
  • Face Value: 0.25 USD
  • Tool Value: Invaluable
  • Diameter: .95” / 24mm
  • Thickness: .06” / 1.7mm


Used, fully tested


Sold as-is; no refunds or returns

(via Coin - iFixit)