Just got home and decided to play one game of League of Legends before I hit the sack. During the opening chat I called bot & said “ps… Just got home frown the bar and I’m a little tipsy.”

I think my team thinks I’m crazy.

Bir öğle vaktini gördün, yarınkini göreceğin kesin değil. İyisimi sen öğle namazını kılıver kardeşim.

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Oh, sweetheart. You don't seem as broken as you say you are. I just wish you weren't. Please don't do that babe. :(

My poems can tell you more than I can,really.. Uhm..Yeah..Sorry

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the screen caps are from desperate housewives. little tip: if you ever want to find out the source for a screen cap or gif, click the source and usually the OP tags it with the show or movie it is from!