Nobody Is Perfect

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So I started from scratch with Mars and Morgan again xD (because they are my favourite babies and I want to play only with them).

Morgan now is a kid. Why? Well, because I really love kids in TS4, and  because in TS3 Morgan was cloned from Mars’ DNA (this ability came with expansion pack “University”), and Mars raised him.

No, I’m not a pervert, because cloned Morgan is NOT a kid of Mars, he is just like his neighbour.

taylorswift so I was walking home from school with my friend and I heard Clean playing VERY loudly in a car. Like loud loud. Was too awesome. Me and whoever it was should be friends.

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1. If you could choose an age to be stuck at forever, what age would that be?why?  - First it has to be over 18(due to reasons :D) but not too much, so I guess around 22 or 23. During that time I was considered a grown-up that could make his own decisions but didn’t have all the responsibilities of an adult yet

2. What makes you happy in the bad days? - to be honest I’m a bit of a laid-back person but also I don’t remember having really bad days. It could be that the way I grew up made me react differently to things that would depress other people, but even so funny anime episodes from already watched series or running ones, along with Smallville and Supernatural episodes that I have saved on DVDs would do the trick

3. You have one week to live, what are 5 things to do before that time comes, and do you spend it with someone? If so, who? - I would want to meet my soulmate(wait, if i did that, I would want to be together forever), go with her in a vacation around the world, buy a great sports car, win something like a Formula 1 GP to remain known in history, buy something awesome for my family, meet my favorite manga authors(but know japanese beforehand), fly into space and in the last day I would be put into stasis to be awaken when the medical science evolved enough to cure me :D

4. Ok, like in the spiderman movie, you have a bus full of children and someone you really love about to die, you can’t save both though, who do you save? - So if it’s like the Spiderman movie, do I have his powers or other super powers of my choosing? Also how far apart would the two? I think I would first do something to try delaying or lessening the impact of the bus, go save the loved one and then save the kids in the bus. But it can also depend if the bus were to crush or fall into deep water and I would probably have a sidekick to help me

5. Have you ever been to the desert? If you have, how did you like it? - closest desert areas are the Sahara and the Middle East and I never visited any of the areas

6. Are you hating on me right now because of the questions? - of course not. Since I was tagged i knew i would have to answer questions so I don’t mind if they are from you :)

7.You need $100,000 for tomorrow or something really bad happens you your family, what do you do to get the money? - the only way would be to fake kidnapping the kid from a wealthy family with which I would split the money to lessen the 100% chance of getting caught by the police later. But this is huge amount of money here and I don’t know if I could get it in 24 hours. Robbing a bank is also out of the question because it also needs alot of preparations

8. What did you enjoy more about school? - in college, which is the closest period to remember, there were few subjects where I was genuinely interested and curious what they would present next. So I guess it was mostly meeting my colleagues(especially girls, even if didn’t talk much with) from the same year. In high school it depended more on my mood.

9. What is your favorite fruit? - I like many fruits: oranges, bananas and pineapple from the imported ones, strawberries and cherries in may and june, grapes starting late august until early november, plus pears, apples plums

10. Favorite animal? - a tie between cats, dogs and bunnies

11. What do you like best about a fandom? - even if you miss a small parts of an episode of you didn’t pay attention to it, you will find in the following days and weeks detailed gifs of the said parts with subtitles an all in case you didn’t get all they said. Also even if you have an unpopular ship, you can find people who ship it and luckily one or two even drew nice quality fanart for it

Right now I’m not feeling very well since I caught a cold from my parents(first in a year, with throat hurting when I cough and a running nose) and I don’t know what to ask those who I would tag