24.04.15 - U3 Task 1/ RBL Hour

You need to show your understanding of the following TYPES of research. Use examples to support your understanding.

What is QUALITATIVE RESEARCH e.g. film blogs, game reviews, fanzine websites, attitudes to media products, responses to news coverage, responses to advertising campaigns, discussion.

What is QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH e.g. programme ratings, readership circulation figures, hits on a website, box office figures, sales of CDs and DVDs.

 01b (Methods)

Show your understanding of the following METHODS of research. Use examples to support your understanding.

What is Primary Research?

Investigate and explain the following – interview techniques, observations, questionnaires, surveys, types of questions, focus groups, audience panels, participation in internet forums.

What is Secondary Research?

Investigate and explain the following – books, journals, reference-based books and directories, periodicals, newspapers, film archives, photo libraries, worldwide web, searching internet forums, CD Rom databases, audio material, ratings, circulation figures, government statistics.

01c (Purposes)

 Explore the different PURPOSES of research?

You should cover the following –


AUDIENCE RESEARCH  - audience data, audience profiling, demographics, geo-demographics, consumer behaviour, consumer attitudes, audience awareness.


MARKET RESEARCH  - product market, competition, competitor analysis, advertising placement, advertising effects.


 - content, viability, placement media, finance, costs, technological resources, personnel, locations.

Emma’s Tip: Relate the above to research you have already carried out on this course. You can also include when you engaged in my research a few weeks back. I will bring this evidence in next week.


Types of Unemployment

U1: Rupert Crumbidale, a hardworking 55 year old toothpaste tube caper at the Colgate toothpaste factory in Rhode Island, recently lost his job due to a new machine that caps the toothpaste automatically. Due to the rural community, and a lack of education, being an unskilled worker, he is limited to available jobs. Not to mention, employers don’t necessarily have felons on the top of their “hire list.”

U2: Nicholle works for Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Phoenix, Arizona as a seasonal worker to help out during the Holiday Season. After the busy holidays, the demand for employees decreases and Nicholle no longer has an available job. She is then sent home to find a more stable job.

U3: Nikki Rizz worked for Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Phoenix, Arizona as a part-time bookseller and barista. Even though she was hired from seasonal to part-time, due to lack of hours and lack of pay increase, Nikki Rizz put her 2 weeks in and said, “adios amigos.”

U4: Rayvon works as a business marketing manager in Kentucky. He decides it no longer suits his area of interest even though that is the degree he pursued years before. Rayvon goes out looking for a new career in something up his ally, but is limited to openings and opportunities.

U5: Dirty Mike lives in San Diego, California as a volunteer surfing instructor. He used to work at a local skate accessory shop, but quit due to lack of commission sales. Dirty Mike has become so complacent with his surfing instructing and hanging with the boys, that he has not looked for a real job since… Poor Dirty Mike. :(

U6: Mr. Minecci works at a local taco shop as a head cook in Conchas Dam, New Mexico, but left due to lack of business. He now works as a part-time active member of the Italian Mafia. Minecci says he would love to work full-time, but because their are so many members already, his position is not needed.

Some links/ cross-referencing opportunities (30.04.15)

U8 Task 1 -BBC stuff/ U24 Part C  = U27/ Task 1.

U8 Task 3 - Contractual, Legal & ethical stuff = U27/ Task 1.

U1 Task 1B Regulatory bodies = U27/ Task 1.

U8 Task 4B (how viewer behaviours have changed) = U3/ Task 2 (Audience Research). Note: see Broadcast Audience Research Board or BARB for additional audience classification information. Also any time you have carried out primary (asked people questions) this is revealing information about audiences (however small).

U1 Task 1C You can reference this for applied ‘Production Research’ evidence = U3 Task 2.

Scriptwriting (U24/ Part 2B) and Social Action (U31/ Task 2 (part 1) are tasks where you have carried out actual primary. And my BU stuff!! All relevant to UNIT 3 Task 1.

U27 Task 1 ‘Role of the producer’ can be found in Unit 1/ Pre-production where you identify production roles.

U27/ Task 2 ‘Analysis’ DON’T FORGET! Use the important analysis table when comparing two documentaries.

‘Production Research’ (U3/ Task 2) stuff can be located in Pre-Production Unit/ Task 1a.

‘Audience Research’ (U3/ Task 2) stuff can be found in Social Action and Scriptwriting.

The U’s of Economics

U1: People unemployed 15 weeks or longer. “The long-term unemployed tend to be people who 1) are a little bit older, and 2) got laid off from their last job.” (www.theatlantic.com). They may also be discriminated against. A man just released from prison who has tattoos on his face. He hasn’t had a proper job since 1997. He lives in Rhode Island.

U2: Lost a job as opposed to those who have quit or those who have entered or reentered the labor force. This category consists of temporary workers such as farm workers, retail workers and grant funded positions. Bill is a farmer. Farming is a job the goes with the seasons. So it’s quite difficult for Bill to maintain himself working when the farming season is over.

U3: Those who fall between the cracks of the official rate. U1 and U2 are included. The people included in this category are not worried because they have an education and they are confident in receiving another job if something occurs. Jake worked at Bath and Body workshop but has been fired. He searched for quite some time and has been re-employed at Vans.

U4: Add discouraged workers to the official unemployment rate. Workers with high standards and high expectations. This category includes those who have stopped looking for work because current economic conditions make them believe that no work is available for them. Due to cutting back on the business spending, Donna has been laid off from her job as a secretary for a small lawyer business. She submitted job applications in a few small offices but hasn’t heard back.

U5: Includes all marginally attached workers also known as flexible workers. This also includes those who would like and are able to work but have not looked recently. Due to an accident that left Hanna with a broken leg, she had to let go of her job as a mail carrier. So she looked for another job. She is currently on a waiting list for an office job answering phones. This may or may not be a stable job as she was not given a permanent schedule.

U6: Is the most all- inclusive measure of unemployment and includes all of the above plus those who are employed part-time because of economic reasons. Workers who are under utilized are included here. Part time workers. Liz has a part-time job down at the deli. She has a unstable schedule due to the businesses economic status and the rest of the town so she must embrace it.

maybenoots asked:

In your mythos how would people view things like ear and tail cropping?

i don’t think that would happen with anthros much, aside from like rly religious (read: cult) reasons.

Though I’d say this was probably something that was an issue when anthros were first getting integrated into society. Many were mistreated and assaulted, as you’d expect to happen to any minority group that’s significantly different.

As for non-anthro animals, it would probably mostly frowned upon since there’s not too much benefit from doing so.

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Timeframe - 1.5.15 - Key Dates

The following information is important for your scheduling and arranging interviews with named contacts. Ideally you will be able to arrange interviews for our timetabled days but if one of your contacts cannot meet with you during our WED-FRI timeframe, it is expected that you shoot on a Monday or Tuesday in order to complete project requirements. Time back arrangements can be 

Wed 6th, Thurs 7th , Fri 8th May (U3 Tasks 1&2) (U27/ Task 3 Doco Proposal) (Planning)

Wed 13th, Thurs 14th , Fri 15th May (Planning & Shoot Week)

Wed 20th, Thurs 21st , Fri 22nd May (Shoot Week/ Edit)

HALF TERM WC 25th MAY - ALL OFF FOR A WEEK (so no scheduling here!)

Wed 3rd June, Thurs 4th June, Fri 5th June (Edit) Note: No filming should be taking place at this stage. This week is only for finishing off any editing if needed.

Hope this helps and rest ids up to you now.


Unemployment Profiles

U1: My name is Don Kong and I’m 24 years old. I currently have two kids and have a girlfriend. I dropped out of high school a few years ago and having a hard time finding a job at this time because most decent jobs require at least a high school diploma or a college degree. I am currently living with my parents in Chicago.

U2: My name is Tomas James and I’m 31 years old. I currently live in Nebraska with my family of four. Because of my earlier criminal record, I’m only limited to certain jobs such as farming which I’m currently involved in. During winter seasons, I’m usually without job because my section of farming is seasonal.During that time I occupy with retail jobs in the city.

U3: My name is Jason and I’m 19 years old. I graduated high school and college and currently looking for a job. I have a clean record and hoping to be hired in the next few months.

U4: My name is Josh Thomas and I’m a discouraged worker. I have tried applying for different jobs but I’ve been declined a few times. After I’ve applied many different times, I decided to apply to one of the jobs that I really enjoyed. There, I got declined too because my colleagues were more skilled than I was.

U5: My name is Deshawn and I just got graduated out of college. I haven’t had a job for 6 months and I’ve been constantly applying. It is not that I don’t want to work, I really do want to work. It is just that during this moment, no jobs are currently looking for one.

U6: My name is Alysha and currently working part time at Kohls. I really want to work full time but I can’t because McDonalds doesn’t me to work for that much time. Pre-recession, I was easily able to get a full time job but after my hours were decreased


U1- Luis is 24 years old and has fallen in the long term unemployed rate. He dropped out of high school and never got a diploma or a GED. Luis has been incarcerated for 3 year and is now a felon. He lives in Nevada where the unemployment rate is now one of the highest due to the fact that the cities rise in population and competition is growing just as fast. He worked at a local casino as a janitor but was laid off because of his incarceration.

U2- Creg workers for a farmer in Rhode Island whose job is seasonal. He has been a farming for this man since the age of 18, after he graduated high school. When winter comes around there is no crop being grown because it gets cold. Creg loses his as soon as the winter season comes around. and is now unemployed.

U3- Troy works as a barback at a local bar called ‘FIRE’. He has had this job for about 10 years now and does not plan on leaving. until one day he shows up to work and ready and the boss calls he to the back. They explain to Troy that they bought a new machine to do his work a lot faster and more officiant. He really is not that skilled in anything else so he is not able to find a jobs for his specific skill.

U4- Philly is a young woman of 25 years old and has not had a job for almost 2 years. She is currently a stay at home mom but searching everyday. she resume is not long and her work experience does not meet the expectation to the jobs she is applying for.

U5- Mike had just turned 16 years old a few months ago and is now looking for a job. He plans on going to college in New York but has to start saving as soon as possible. Mike has searched for a got for a couple month but has not found anything. He is not very skilled at anything since this is his first job.

U6- Blu is 30 year old man working retail at Walmart in Oregon. He plans on moving to Colorado and wants to be transferred locations. In Oregon he works full time putting in 40 hours a week and getting paid $10.50 an hour. When he is relocated to Colorado they start his pay at $8.50 and hour and only putting in 25 to 30 hours a week. Now he is forced to work part time at a low pay rate.

I’m Unemployed.. Are U2?

U1. My name is Bill, and I dropped out of high school for this awesome job opening at Bob’s Burgers. Eight months ago, however, Bob’s Burger’s was closed down due to health concerns. I have not found a new job since, because not many employers want to hire someone that does not have a High School Degree or equivalency.

U2. My name is Joan, and I worked at Spirit Halloween this past year. I live for Halloween; it is the most fun time of year. I cannot find work elsewhere, so I am waiting for the next Halloween season to come around, feeling pretty confident that I will be hired again.

U3. My name is Mark, and I live in Texas; I used to be employed by Walmart. Recently, however, they laid of thousands of employees and closed down five stores, and I was working at one of these stores. The five stores are located in four different states: Texas, California, Florida, and Oklahoma. They informed us off all layoffs 7-hours prior to close. It will be an estimated six months before reopening, and who knows if everyone laid off will be rehired. I have no idea how I will support my family now.

U4. My name is Sam, and I was once a bull rider. Bull riding is an art, and it takes a lot of education and attention to master. I lost my job due to a spinal injury when the bull bucked me, and I flew into a metal door. I had spinal surgery two years ago, and it was effective, but for safety reasons, I can never ride a bull again. I have not even looked for new work. I must find a new purpose in life.

U5. My name is Jake, and I worked as the head chef in Tutti Santi by Nina. I lost my job when the restaurant closed down, but with my skills set, I have the ability to be hired anywhere. I am currently looking anywhere that has openings.

U6. My name is Thomas, and worked at Wendy’s. I want to work full-time, but there are no openings for managers. They will only allow me to work part-time for monetary reasons.

U1-U6 Bios

U1 - Is a type of unemployment that only includes people, who have not had a job for 15 weeks or more. This is often people who are college or high school drops outs that, move from job to job trying to survive and support themselves. This also includes those who have seasonal or migrant jobs that only open up at curtain times of the year.

U2 -  This unemployment rate is inclusive of those who have lost a job or were fired as opposed to those who have quite or are in transitional place of reentering the work force. This includes mostly laid off workers that have very competitive jobs. Stockholders/stock market workers, engineering, and the technology(Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc.) jobs have the primary contribution to this group of unemployment.  

U3 - The official unemployment rate that simply views those who are employed and available workers verses those who are not working. So those who have been working by have gotten laid off, but later become employed again is what this rate focuses on.

U4 - This rate of unemployment includes and adds the discouraged workers of society. So those who have been looking for a job for more then 15 weeks and have given up on the search. This rate is important as it measures the ambition and overall moral of the economy. The rate shows that the lower education an individual has the higher this rate will be for a worker.

U5 -  Unemployment in this category measures those workers that have part-time or transitional jobs. So college graduates, teachers, or secretaries are often apart of this category. Many college graduates work part-time, while attending college or searching for a more secure job within their degree or field of study. While teachers, who primarily are looking for a permanent teaching job may work as a substitute for a period of time before they get on their feet. This situation is similar to secretaries.  

U6 - The only rate of unemployment that includes all categories of unemployment. This rate is primarily used only for overall GDP and measure the overall work force that is fully employed verses those who are part-time and those who do not work.

Unemployment profiles

U1: My name is Dominic and I am a 55 year old African American. When I was younger I did not finish high school. I moved to New Mexico and found work in a factory. I cut carpet until one day I cut off my finger and now I am unable to work.

U2: My name is Brenda and I am 22 years old. I live in Nevada and I am currently attending college and am unemployed. I have worked at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for 4 years. I am only employed during the season, but I am guaranteed a job.

U3: My name is Jenn and I am 32 years old. I  was laid off of my job and am currently unemployed. I have been for the past 7 years. I have looked for jobs but have had no luck. At this rate, I do not see myself working anytime soon.

U4: My name is Phill and I am 45 years old. A couple years back I was laid off my job as a grocery store manager. This was during the recession when the economy began to decline. I have not yet began looking for a job. I have been putting it off because I am unsure if it is the right time to reenter the labor force. I am waiting to do so when I feel like the economy has gotten better. Until then I think I will stay unemployed.

U5: My name is Joseph and I am currently 18 years old. I am graduating high school and making a tradition into college. I have been applying for jobs since I turned 16 and was legally allowed to work. It is not that I don’t want to work, in fact I am very willing to work. I have just not had any luck finding a job.

U6: My name is Justin and I am 31 years old. I am a college graduate who has not been able to find a job. Even though I would rather wait for the economy to get better, I am actively looking for a job in my field. I am willing to work wherever in the mean time. I work part time at Sonic and have been for about 3 years. It is just to earn enough money to support myself.

U1-U6 Unemployment Profiles

U1: Timmy was a student in Nevada, he dropped out of high school his senior year because of selling drugs. He has never had a job. He doesn’t plan on getting his GED and is finding it hard to get a job.

U2: Kimmy professionally cut down trees for a tree cutting company in Rhode Island. One day a new machine was created and this machine was more efficient and cheaper. Timmy’s job position was terminated and Timmy lost his job.

U3: Jimmy was working at a customer service booth in a Grocery Store. Timmy realized he hated working with the public and so he quit his job.

U4: Sammy went to school to become lawyer. After he graduated he tried to get a job as a lawyer and applied for many positions. Sammy never got a call back and after a year of this he became discouraged worker.

U5: Kimmy has a degree and works in kitchen. Her job is to make soups and flavor them. The kitchen owner decided to switch to already made soups and Kimmy lost her job. She is now waiting for another job offering.

U6: Jazmine worked for a police department full time. The police department had to switch her to part time hours due to money budgets. She is a single parent. She now is waiting for another full time position to open up.