korra is possibly the most important tv character i’ve seen in my whole life

a young, powerful brown-skinned girl who chases after her own life; who fights for her own choices; who is aggressive and physical and anything but shy; who takes joy and pride in her own strength and skill; who challenges others to be better, including her mentors, without holding back; who is the most empathetic, loving character who will do anything for people she does not know; who loves wholeheartedly and without reserve; who will sacrifice her life for the world; who is beaten down and broken and depressed but smiles for children and finds the strength to fight through anything with nothing but her own spirit


Look at this tshirt its hilarious what the hell is bart simpson reading? why are there roman sculptures im thinking of buying this shirt

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Bob Marley - Pimper’s Paradise Studio Rehearsal ‘80

I feel weird and gross and I want to sleep but I also want to eat and I also want to watch the Anaconda video like a billion more times so guess which one I’m gonna do