things i’m going to read over winter break

  • harry potter (reread!!! yay!!)
  • hunger games (finally gonna finish it…five years later…)
  • percy jackson (…take 10)
  • a charles dickens book (great expectations or our mutual friend…??)
  • moby dick (just because i’ve always liked the first line…)
  • finish reading the rest of jane austen’s novels
  • maybe reread asoue (in order this time because the first time i read it i read them backwards, from book 11 to book 1 then 12 and 13, yeah i thought it would be funny, but maybe that’s why they didn’t really make sense to me…i was like ten ok)

do you ever find yourself look at and researching things that are completely pointless and irrelevant to you

i’m looking up B&Bs and it’s like… why. i am never staying in one. i have no interest in ever staying in one„, yet here i am.