I like the in-betweens I like the time it takes to get somewhere
If you know what I mean
Put both your hands in the air like you just don’t care
I just don’t care I just don’t care I just don’t care I just don’t care
—  Cough it out- The Front Bottoms

anonymous asked:

Text omen wtf yes I meant recommend thank u!! (Also I live tfb and the hush sound :0 but the rest I've never really listened to so thank u!!)

yeah my autocorrect deciphering skills are pretty on par *cracks knuckles* omg though an actual living breathing person who knows who the hush sound are…amazing…(they are so underrated!!!) anyway i’m glad i could help you out! since you know those two bands i’ll designate foals as my #1 recommendation…they’re one of my fave bands like probably top 5 and their song “spanish sahara” makes me want to cry every time…i got to see them live last year it was amazng

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When I saw TFB, I ran into the drummer after their set, just chilling in the crowd, and I was like "what the fuck?? I didn't expect to see you here!!" And he just kind of looked and me strange and was like "well where else did you expect me to be??? You're at our show."

LMAO thats cute omg, when i went me n my friend were the first people in line so when their van pulled up out front we saw the other members wake brian up and him like get dressed it was so cute omg and on his way in he just like waved to the line it was adorable 

also i got the drummers setlist and damn 

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tfb or flowers forever

I love hanging on the telephone by flowers forever (cover) but I know more of tfb so tfb!!

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So, I’m going to see The Front Bottoms and Brand New in New York for my 20th birthday. I already bought the tickets and everything. But, TFB just announced that they will be performing with Weezer in Maine on July 31st. I feel like life has just thrown me the harshest curve ball of all times! OHMYGOD! I loooove Weezer, man! And, The Front Bottoms are my life!😍

But whatever I did for you last year, I cannot do again
It’s getting harder and harder and harder and harder for me to call you friend
No matter how many times I say I won’t, I defend you if I can
But whatever I did for you last year
I cannot do again

The Front Bottoms - Cough It Out