unweave-a-rainbow said:

The amount of zankie shippers who are saying they’re worried that Zach was just joking about coming out because MC said he was ASTOUND me. Like… since when does his opinion count for anything? Why is anyone even still making him relevant, or tracking what he does and says?

Michael Shapiro lives on the opposite side of the country and doesn’t know anything important. Let the creature fester in its self hatred.

@my light skinned blacks

remember how FKA twigs, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jesse Williams, Nicki Minaj, Kerry Washington and plenty more have all been called racial slurs?

Yeah. You are still black. And (white) people will not hesitate to call you a nigger. Keep that in mind the next time you are all “team light skinned” or “team mixed” and putting down your darker family.

Remember that.