Going Bananas with @funwithfruit

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“They are such a cheerful fruit with inbuilt comedy value,” says Elisa Roche (@funwithfruit), a London-based journalist explaining her passion for bananas. While living on the Caribbean island of Martinique for a year, Elisa became obsessed with bananas. “The fruit there just tastes better,” she says. “I’d go through several a day.” But it was only recently that she discovered the curved fruit as a canvas.

“I draw whatever pops into my head using a black Biro and gel pens,” she says, adding that the shape of each banana is also a source of inspiration. Once a piece is done, Elisa takes a picture and eats the fruit. Although Elisa says it feels “cathartic” to throw the painted skin away, she admits, “If there are any scientists out there who can tell me how to preserve them, I’d be intrigued.”

-Далер, а как появляется радуга?

-Ну, я думаю, что…

-Daler, where do rainbows come from?
-Hm, I think…