Relationships and the INFJ

LOVE IS: The quest for, above all else, a soul-mate. INFJs are interested only in the perfect relationship.

FALLS IN LOVE: Slowly. With their head first and then with all their heart. INFJs have a depth of caring not usually found in others.

FALLS OUT OF LOVE: Can leave a relationship once they’re sure it’s over. A partner who violates the INFJ’s values will be cut off forever.

INTIMACY: A near-spiritual experience of bonding heart and soul. It’s important for INFJs to know that their mates are happy.

COMMITMENT: Seeks a lifelong, committed relationship. INFJs approach their intimate relationships quite seriously.

MOST SATISFIED WITH: A partner who respects their deeply held values and and who appreciates their creativity and inspiration.

i love how orphan black trivia has progressed from “haha oh fun fact: tatiana busted her knuckles for real when breaking open the briefcase! such dedication” to “tatiana got WATERBOARDED for this scene they literally TORTURED HER this woman SOLD HER SOUL TO THIS SHOW”

When you’re about to start an anime

I feel like people underestimate the greatness that is platonic friend love. It’s one of my all time favourite feelings. Falling in friend love…ugh. When you find those humans that you so easily and deeply click with. Like, thank you for existing. 

If I ever thank this website for anything… it’d be for the fact I have found some really wonderful souls that I know i’ll love long after I delete this blog. 

The Roots Are On Fire

My aunt–my mother’s sister–has always had this soul that is so keenly aware and open to the spirit’s voice. Sometimes he is quiet for a long while, but she never stops seeking Him, and when He speaks, it’s all so coherent and cogent. It’s strange, to be honest. Sometimes when she shares, I feel receptive, but more times, I feel apprehensive to take these “revelations“ as messages directly from God rather than a human’s imagination mixed with spiritual epiphanies. My personal cynicism or general hesitance to receive these visions is besides the point, though. She just sent me this one, and please let me be honest without weirding you all out… I could feel something turn in my heart. I know that sounds very dramatic, but I don’t know a better way to explain it. What’s strange is that I don’t feel a personal resonance with the content of this epiphany, but I felt extremely compelled to share it here. This is what she sent me, and even if there’s only one person who finds peace and empowerment in her message, that is enough for me, but I just couldn’t resist the undeniable urge to share:

This morning as I was waking up I heard the Lord speaking, and He said three times “the roots are on fire”.

There are things in the lives of the people of God that are hindering breakthrough–things that have taken root in the hearts of His people that are preventing healing, keeping the people of God chained and held back from moving deeper into the abundant life that is already theirs in Christ.

I saw such distress over many of the people of God who have been desperate for breakthrough and asking the Lord “How much longer,” “I can’t get out of this, I can’t move this, I have come to the place where only YOU can move and set me free. What else do I need to do?” I saw many of them teetering on the edge of giving up all hope in his promises.

I then recalled this passage: “So Abraham waited patiently in faith and succeeded in seeing the promise fulfilled… God wanted to end all doubt and confirm it even more forcefully to those who would inherit His promises. His purpose was unchangeable, so God added His vow to the promise. So it is impossible for God to lie, for we know that His promise and His vow will never change! And now we have run into His heart to hide ourselves in His faithfulness. This is where we find His strength and comfort, for He empowers us to seize what has already been established ahead of time–an unshakeable hope!” (Hebrews 6:15-18)

God has not lied to you and His faithfulness remains! The Lord is going to bring deep breakthrough to you. He is working for your best. He is not going to deal with the “symptoms,” God is going after the roots, because He wants you completely free! Roots in the lives of the people of God that have tormented them for years, keeping them caged, drained of their joy, unable to find peace, the fire of God is coming now to destroy the roots that have anchored you in stagnant defeat!! The roots are being exposed and they are burning away to be removed as the people of God press into Him and stand. Do not give up standing now. As weary as you are, as discouraged as you are, God is coming through for you. It may not be how you expect, or when you expect but it is going to be better than your hoped best!

The Lord is taking His people through the fire, and it is not pleasant to the soul, but it is necessary to carry the promise. He is bringing forth the you He created you to be, and He is actively ushering you into a freedom you have not known before–the same freedom that was purchased for you by the beautiful blood of Jesus is still taking glorious effect. You are going to know wholeness and breakthrough at a level you have not known before. He has not failed you and will not fail you. Hide in His faithfulness! It is beginning to manifest in the natural. As these roots burn and are removed, things will improve. Many have been plagued with fear that they will “die” in this process. You must rebuke that lie! As hot as the fire may feel, that heat is only proof of His presence, and in it, you are being protected, sustained, and carried through this process. He is preserving you through the process! You will not be harmed but come out refined, strengthened, and purified like the extracting process of gold!

For many, I saw they have had many many roots removed–many small victories, but never the “main root” that has caused so many issues in their lives. The Lord is going after that major root. I saw that major root burning and as it burnt, all the lies and torment that were built upon it that have inflicted emotional and mental trauma CRUMBLED! He is removing the major root and bringing forth major breakthrough!

CUSP. I kept hearing this word cusp. “Tell them they’re on the cusp.” As I was talking to the Lord this morning about these roots, He kept using the word “cusp.” He said “My people are standing on the cusp of breakthrough and it is finally time. Tell them to step in. Breakthrough is theirs–they are on the cusp.” So, I looked it up… cusp is “a place that marks the point of change”

The Lord is destroying the primary root that has hindered you and you are on the cusp that marks the point of change. THINGS ARE CHANGING!!!!! They will first change in your heart, and healing will manifest in your heart and then all the outer will be set free, aligned, and healed.

GARDEN OF HIS HEART. I felt the Lord say for many of His people: “I know how long these wounds and issues have plagued you, how long it has tormented you and no one else has understood, but I have. Every tear of yours, every unbearable moment, every time you’ve sat in utter numbness–I saw it all, felt it all with you, but you must know that nothing has been wasted and none of your despair has been in vain. Every heart ache and every tear you have cried has been sown into the garden of my heart and you are going to receive a bountiful harvest. NOTHING has been wasted.”

I don’t know who I’m supposed to carry this message to, but whoever it is, they need to know they are moving into harvest. The drought is over. The most loving thing the Father could do is remove these roots that have kept you bound. He could treat the “symptoms” but it would not be a long term fix because the root remains, and it has remained too long. That root is being burnt away, removed, and an explosion of healing and breakthrough will happen on the inside of you and overflow to all things around you. Things are going to dramatically change from here on out! Keep standing and pressing in! You’ve made it to the CUSP, and are now moving into the change! Accelerated change! You are being transformed! Butterfly, you were once held down, but it’s time to wake up and see that you were called to fly!

like the thing with soul mate AUs is that there’s usually some physical indicator that goes off that alerts you when you’ve met your soul mate. does nobody think about how scary that would be?? imagine just meeting a person for the first time and like, your ears start glowing or some shit and you have to continue the relationship knowing that you’re supposed to spend your whole life with this person. there would be this terrible obligation that would make the whole relationship seem forced and it wouldn’t be able to progress naturally. imo that would fuck people up so badly

Soul Shine, 1/? (Soulmate AU, Olicity, Explicit)

Guys, this is geniewithwifi‘s fault. She gave me this prompt where only soulmates can have sex, and I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what’s happening.

Summary: Soulmate AU. Humans are incapable of having sex unless they find their “soulmate,” their perfect match. It’s been decades since there’s been a documented case of soulmates anywhere, but scientists believe they are finally closing in on the rare “soulmate gene.” Felicity is one of the few who doesn’t put stock in the idea, until Dr. Wells sends her to Starling City.

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Her fingers grazed his leather-clad chest.

Felicity’s breath stuttered as the heat in her skin instantly grew hotter, but not with pain, but with need.

Need like she’d never felt in her life ran through her, and she stumbled against him, eager for more, so much more, and he caught her instantly.

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