The best argument White people have is that they get killed by cops too. Cute. Y'all also get checks for 15 million before the body is even in the ground. Don’t forget to mention that. Meanwhile Black people are just trying to get an indictment.

It’s always about the money with the White bread because that’s what they value most. It’s always about the life lost with Black people because that’s what we value most.

People who value money more than human life are not to be trusted or listened to. They have no souls therefore they have no heart.

Berelain: Hello. At 19 I bought a camera and began shooting. Like many photographers, I was terrible at it for a long time, but with every shot taken I fell in love with it more and more. Now theyre my saving grace. That and words. Of course maybe I’m a writer and photographer that’s just full of shit. A year can do a lot for creation and I plan on taking advantage of time to come. I’d enjoy for you to check out my work, or at the very least inflate my ego. Maybe you can also crush my soul with your bad words about my work. 2 of 3 are suitable and maybe I’m a masochist, but Ill take what i can get.

Depression can set in at many different times in different forms. I guess for me it was nostalgia when I went out and took this picture. Though it comes with editing of the blue sky, its initial composition was gray and dreary. When I printed it out it looked like a glossy painting, but it made me long for the past. The nostalgia. This is especially true when I do portraits.
Every so often when I don’t have an agenda to fulfill I will capture nostalgia and more often than not it’s a simple accident, but I think every photograph the photographer takes comes with nostalgia. It’s their own, but there’s a real beauty when that nostalgia is passed on to another whether or not they’re familiar with the photographer. You can’t force it and I would say that’s where the work I do begins.
- Moody B.

Rhodonite - Rodonit

Rhodonite balances emotions, nurtures and encourages love and encourages brotherhood and humanity.Ima ability to commands on both sides of the issue. This stone stimulates, cleanses and activates the heart and the heart chakra. Grounding energy, balances yin and yang, and promotes reaching the highest potential. They say that meditation improves based on mantras, bringing the soul in the plane near the vibration.



[Stream] SHINee - ’ theSAEM Eco Soul Spau BB Cushion’ - 

Credit: globaleco theSAEM

I fell in love with your soul before I even saw you. Does that not show pure love?
—  You’re too blind to see the love

Pictures: Centuries After Death, Mummies Still Telling Stories

A crypt in Vilnius, Lithuania, offers insights into 18th- and 19th-century life and health.

  • by Karen Weintraub

“After they died, the wealthiest and most prominent residents of 18th-century Vilnius, Lithuania, were interred beneath the Dominican Church of the Holy Spirit, in the center of town. Decades later, they were joined by the bodies of Napoleonic troops who had perished while headed home to France after their defeat in Russia.The tombs were also employed by the living. 

When Vilnius was overrun by the Polish army in World War I, and by the Nazis in World War II, when the crypt was used as a bomb shelter. But the dead bodies inside endured—even when the Soviets tried to turn the hidden cellars into a museum celebrating atheism. 

“Those people buried there were resting and at the same time were witnesses to the historical events that characterized this city,” says Italian anthropologist Dario Piombino-Mascali, who has been studying the remains for five years. More than half the bodies in the Lithuanian crypt quickly decomposed, leaving behind nothing but skeletal remains. But for some reason—perhaps the season of their death combined with the consistently dry underground climate—other bodies dried out and naturally turned into mummies. Instead of becoming skeletons, skin survived intact and facial features remained recognizable” (read more).

(Source: National Geographic; images: Nicole Werbeck)

And then my soul saw you and it kind of went “Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”
—  I Wrote This For You

That feeling when you get lonely then all of a sudden, you are down with no specific reason and your heart vibrates like an amplifier all over your body. Yet you can’t do anything to uplift yourself, your inner peace. It is a melancholy all the time that your body, your mind and your soul is trying to withdraw from within. You are tired of everything but you can’t figure the way out and all you can do is just to have faith that this gloomy feelings will fade as soon as possible. Try to ask yourself how? How to vanish this kind of feeling, to overcome and to completely move forward. How to be okay when you dont and can’t at all. Been there, so remember. Only yourself can answer such and only yourself can make things brighter, happier and better.