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So I know you're against Seaworld but honestly it's not that as bad as people make it seem. In fact they do some awesome things. I live in SD and I think Seaworld is great; however, I know they're not perfects. It helps educate children about conservation and sea creatures. Also with the oil spill in Santa Barbara Seaworld has helped rescue many animals who have been affected and without Seaworld's help these creatures wouldn't have this chance of survival

Do your research and you’ll find the secrets of Sea World and by reading all the shit things they stand for your opinion should certainly change. 

Here I will even link you to some articles you should read. These are from freedomforwhales Follow her instantly. <3

Useful Articles/other Sources about Captivity

How to dump and inject ACNL RAM files


  • Create backup save files in case of game corruption
  • Edit your town with the RAM editor or map editor
  • Play with multiple towns on one copy of ACNL


  • Old Nintendo 3DS/XL or 2DS at 9.x up to 9.5.0-22 (9.5.0-23 or higher are not supported)
  • A computer with an SD card reader


1. Run ACNL in your console and get ingame, making sure you can already move your character
2. Press the Home button
3. Scan this QR code (press L+R in the home menu):

(or go to http://bit.ly/acnl_dump in the console’s web browser)
4. Wait a few seconds, it will show a green screen, crash, and show an error on the home screen (this is fine, don’t worry!)
5. Return back to the game, save and quit
6. Power down the console, take out the SD card, and put it in your computer
7. Copy the acnlram.bin file to a safe place on your computer to use as a backup
8. Use the acnlram.bin file in your SD card on the RAM editor or map editor to your desire
9. Save the edited file and replace the original file on your SD card with it
10. Insert the SD card in the console
11. Run AC:NL, get ingame, and immediately go inside the train station
12. Press the Home button
13. Scan this QR code (press L+R in the home menu):

(or go to http://bit.ly/acnl_inject in the console’s web browser)
14. Wait a few seconds, it will show a green screen, crash, and show an error on the home screen
15. Return back to the game and go outside. Your changes should be there!

Racist Sugar Daddies

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen on sugar baby sites something along the lines of “Please no black women-I’m not a racist I just don’t like black women” which is fucking racist

So let’s all make a pact, right now, that if we see a line like this on a SD’s page, whether we are white, black, brown or purple, we will not interact with this man (unless it’s to tell him that he’s a racist, in which case go for it girl). Because besides being racist, it’s fucking rude and why would you want to be with a pig like that anyway? 

So let’s be a community that stands together, and not give these salt daddies any sugar. 

Intimacy with my SD

I was intimate with my sugar daddy for the first time the last time we saw each other. We met in the hotel suite, grabbed food from downstairs, ate a little in the room, then fucked.

He gave me my allowance + $300 from the previous month.. I’m in a pickle because he asked to see me this Friday in a hotel room. The fuck? I don’t think I’ll be able to be intimate like that. The only reason I didn’t mind basically only fucking was because I convinced him to book a $650 suite & I knew he was going to give me allowance. This time would be in your basic business hotel room and I already have this month’s allowance… So wtf do I say? Grrrr 😠😠

I need something to show for it, basically. A gift, $500, some shopping…
Help!!! Ahhhh.

I scored the best sd this weekend!! We went to brunch and had grapefruit mimosas, yum. It was instant connection. He is totally adorable, single, and a gentleman. He asked me what allowance would make me happy, I told him, and he agreed to it. He’s even giving me a “signing bonus” and that he’s open to getting me a credit card! 😍 finallyyy thank you sugar gods 💚

I/Z’s FD is to “Frida”! They have picked the SD music and the choreographers, but are keeping it a secret for now, only saying that it is unexpected and original.

Y/M are skating to “My Sweet and Tender Beast” for the SD, and “The Great Gatsby” for the FD.

The Gunpla Tag in a Gunpla Battle Tournament

nulspace-kun Uses obscure UC suit from a novel. Gets mad when no one recognizes it.

merp-senpai Uses GP02 custom. Gets furious when fighting non-UC suits and becomes enraged when fighting SDs.

deadbaconpool Uses Destiny custom. Has fun and is protagonist material.

gigapig Uses Build Strike. Has tons of fun and has ultimate beginners’ luck.

gat0rgus Uses mid to latter UC grunts. Is rival material and possible Mask.

kampfer-amazing Uses F91 or Blue Destiny custom. Tatsuya Yuki incarnate.

yonathin Uses 00 Custom of some sort. Tends to give advice when not being badass.

the-dr-of-peppers Uses super custom grunts. Exposition guy.

Me- Uses melee oriented suits. Two modes: Wise warrior and enraged try-hard.

here’s a reason why you should always manabreak against an SD

ok so you should always manabreak in PvP regardless of who you’re playing but like hear me out here

Base Ara has this shitty normal ZZX that won’t let her combo afterwards bc Ara backflips and the recovery is too long for it to allow you to combo after it. According to Elwiki’s Knockdown page it reduces KD by 40…

…which is alright, because most moves that knock the opponent down reduce KD, and since Ara cannot combo or fastfall after this, or there aren’t a lot of situations where this can be used, it’s okay.

Except this is where Little Hsien comes in…

ZZXX is where instead of backflipping away awkwardly like a klutz, she dives diagonally (like in >>^ZX) and recatches just as they fall. And do you wanna know what the KD value on that dive is?


Think about it. This is a first class advancement reducing KD by 30-40 just by doing a lag-proof normal string. The only thing that comes close to it in terms of KD reduction is Tesla Shock, and even that’s inferior coz it takes 30 MP and needs level 55, and this is a regular move you can do the moment you’re a lvl 15 LH.

I’m not saying this is broken, coz it’s not. It’s one of those tools that, in the right hands, can be used to do a full-health combo, especially when paired with ^X loops and X pause combos. Of course this is all theory, and I’ll see if I can actually incorporate it into an infinite later some time, but for now, just remember that she can reduce KD by a lot just by doing a normal move, so don’t think you really can get away with tanking.