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If she was a feminist she wouldn't get booty implants I'm sorry but how can you promote body positivity if you're not positive about your own body


a bit random but it’s been a while since I’ve mentioned it so does anyone want my twitter?? I don’t use it for art or anything, just to talk about really inane life stuff occasionally, but if anyone’s interested in that sort of thing feel free to send me an ask about it and I’ll give it to you

oh and on a similar topic here’s my reblog tumblr if anyone wants that

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Would you rather have toes for fingers or fingers for toes?

classic. I would rather have fingers for toes cuz then i could be like a slot and hand on stuff.

  • Ship: Calummm you’re a bae
  • Cute Little Blurb: OKay so you’re out on the padio readin a book in the sunshine and calum is just puttering around the yard playing with your dog and while you’re reading he’ll run over and kind of roll onto you and as you laugh he’ll get comfy and wrap his arm around your large stomach where your precious angel is forming and he’ll kiss your cheek and smile and say “I’m glad we’re having a baby. She can run around with the dog!”
  • Cute Outfit: It takes way too long to do im sorry don’t hate me
  • Pic of Boy:


so yeah.

[7:47:19 PM] A l l i e: dude I asked my mom if she had heard about ferguson and she’s like ‘yeah it’s a bunch of crap their own people are looting their stores’
[7:47:23 PM] A l l i e: and that isn’t true at all
[7:47:32 PM] A l l i e: then I said that the media was lying and she laughed at me
[7:47:55 PM] A l l i e: and I tried to explain they were peacefully protesting the shooting and then police fired teargas on them for no reason
[7:48:00 PM] A l l i e: and she’s like ‘yeah right’
[7:48:10 PM] A l l i e: and shes like ‘whatever im just going to keep my opinion to myself’
[7:48:14 PM] A l l i e: and im pissed at her
[7:48:26 PM] A l l i e: she like wont even hear me out
[7:50:37 PM] Sol l u x: i told my mom and she just like threw her arms up and went into a political protest in our home about how the government has been doing this since she was a teen
[7:51:06 PM] A l l i e: my mom was like ‘how come when a black cop shoots a white man for no reason theres no big deal’
[7:51:20 PM] A l l i e: and I was like ‘really’ in my mind because she does not realize what my point is
[7:51:24 PM] A l l i e: and this is about racism