anonymous said:

Chica always make such an awful noise when she goes to the kitchen. It can't be that hard to find food in the kitchen, so why all the racket?


her-imperious-waterbitch said:

Well, I found you through Splickedy so, I think my first impression was like "Oh dang how can they both be so good at art??" I didn't really find out you were a bnf til later, which was pretty cool because I wasn't debilitatingly imtimidated and managed to actually talk to you a lil! Now I know that you're pretty much pure evil =w=

oh nice yeah.  I could understand being less intimidated finding me through splickedy, we really do our best to make each other look like total nerds (which is accurate, so, yeah it works out).

(also, legit, pure evil)

the world is limitless and we set up so many boundaries about everything but everything is just systematic chaos
then the imagination is limitless too so we have literally got an external limitless world and an internal limitless world!!!

And think how much of that time in our imagination is spent percieving people in a negative light when we could be thinking about an edible monkey goat thing

If you’re not with a person, they don’t need to exist in your head unless you make them and you can just make them disappear and literally imagine a totally new person.

I’m not saying to imagine yourself a partner because the imagination can do anything because it’s limitless, But i am