A friendly reminder from somebody who has had to deal with mental and emotional abuse from their parents: Please do not hate yourself for how you’re treated. You are not a burden. You deserve respect. You do not owe your parents anything just because they are your parent, that was not your choice. You are appreciated. You are loved and you can do anything you want as long as you try. This does not mean you have a right to be blatantly disrespectful, it means that you deserve to be treated fairly as well. Please do not feel like you don’t belong. 

im trying to wake myself earlier everyday! i can wake up before 10 now! im gonna try to wake up at 8:30 next (:

team 7 must be so fucking tired right now,get some sleep.

Like i don’t even mind if there’s a whole chapter of them sleeping

The Solstice Celebration

The tidings of the solstice come,
With the sound of the beating drums
To druid hearts Mother Nature matters
Thus in spirits spent her night is shattered

Lovers dance to gypsy songs
Around the fire and all night long
Stomping feet on moistened earth
To celebrate the springs rebirth

Voices lifted in joy and celebration
While old fool suffer from inebriation
They share the tales of yester years
With a smile and a bit of beer

Children laugh and run around
Adding to the joyful sound
A better family would be hard to find
As would a more perfect space and time

The moon shines oh so bright
Lighting the darkest shadows of the night
As we all come together one more time
To feel natures spirit and embrace the divine

Love for all beneath a cascade of soulful stars
Flaming fast away from where we are
Sleep will come and bring the morrow
But tonight we release all of our sorrows

-Copyright Joshua Amos Graff 2011

قالت زينب بنت جحش قلت يا رسول الله أفنهلك وفينا الصالحون ؟! قال : نعم إذا كثر الخبث .

صحيح البخاري