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Perfect Actors and the Perfect Parts they’ve Played: Sharon Millerchip as Meg Giry in Love Never Dies

So I rewatched Love Never Dies (Phans don’t kill me) and I love Sharon’s Meg.

I don’t know who reads this (if anyone), but if you do, so sorry for the length of this!

When I first heard about Love Never Dies, I thought “it could not possibly be as bad as everyone says it is!” At that time, I was not as big a fan of Phantom as I am now so I figured it was only the hardcore Phans that had a real problem with it. When I finally watched it I understood.

I watched it again at the request of my brother who is quickly turning into a huge fan of POTO and wanted to see the ‘sequel’ that ‘everyone was complaining about’. “Are you sure?” I asked him several times before finally playing it. After about five minutes, he wanted me to shut it off.

I mean, I don’t think LND is completely terrible. I love the snippets of POTO in the show. And after watching it again, I actually love love love Sharon Millerchip’s Meg. My favourite scenes from the shows are the ones she’s in and her songs are ones I have stuck in my head (‘Dear Old Friend’ has actually been on loop for the last hour or so). When I first watched LND I thought ‘THEY RUINED MEG!’, but looking at it a second time I like that she’s one of the more important characters in the show. Not that she isn’t in POTO, but she obviously plays a more significant role in LND (especially if you’ve watched it until the end).

At this point I’m probably biased, I now see LND as Meg’s story more than Christine’s. I guess it’s because I find her more relatable than Christine in this. I mean, you start the show and at first, you’re almost surprised to see Meg at the center of attention during ‘Only For You’ because there’s the friend of Christine’s that everyone loved in POTO but she didn’t really have a huge role and suddenly she’s leading the song and OMG yay you’re so happy for her because really, who didn’t love Meg in POTO? Sharon is absolutely adorable in the number and even though I never saw her as Meg in POTO, I love knowing that she also played Meg in POTO because it helped me imagine her as a younger Meg and then think about this as the ten years later that it’s supposed to be. Meg is obviously more mature and more sassy as she’s required to be as the ‘Ooh La La Girl’. Then there’s a scene change and you get a glimpse of that young girl once more because the first thing she does is look to her mother for approval and her opinion.

l like that she’s actually excited to hear that Christine is coming; the fact that she’s trying her hardest not to listen to her mother. They were friends, after all, even if it ‘seems a hundred years ago’. But clearly, and I think Sharon does a perfect job of portraying this, there are feelings of insecurity there as well. She’s finally the star, she finally has the attention of the Phantom and Christine’s arrival would undoubtedly take away from it. At the same time, they’re old friends and because of that she wants to share her success and news with her. I love ‘Ten Long Years’ because Meg’s so proud of what she’s just done and then happy to hear that Christine(!) is coming, but then it’s like ‘Mother, what are you saying? Why are you telling me that?!’ and then she’s on the verge of tears and they’ve been through so much in the last ten years. But then she can’t help but think ‘my friend’s coming and suddenly nostalgia hits her and she can’t wait for things to be how they were ‘way back when’. And I love the smile and giggle that Sharon does at the end is just perfect for Meg.

SO…Meg’s obviously so happy to see Christine when she does in ‘Dear Old Friend’. (Okay, I’m usually not one to talk about the movie version of POTO, but I love that this time it’s Christine that doesn’t recognize a person first.) Anyway, back to Meg - reality hits her when Christine says that she’s there to sing. You just see the look on Sharon’s face, she’s absolutely crushed and then to top it all off the other girls just run over to Christine and it’s back ten years ago and she’s not longer the girl, but the ballet girl once more watching her friend from the sidelines. (And this is just me thinking about this), she knows she can’t really compete with Christine, at least vocally. And then Christine responds with ‘Look I hardly sing, just one little thing” and it’s like ‘Are you kidding me?’ That ‘little aria’ would make Meg’s world. She just wants her big break! And she’s about to be overshadowed once again by Christine! I mean, wow, I definitely know what that’s like. And she puts a brave front ‘It’s a thrill just to share the bill with you’ but she just knows it’s not about her anymore. And she’s right, it isn’t fair. And it’s all so confusing and…I mean Meg is so complicated in this! I LOVE IT.

I guess I love the blend of the ‘Ohh La La’ diva that she’s become, but the fact that she’s still that girl that we all love. The thing that I don’t really like about LND is the fact that Meg shoots Christine in the end, but I think understand why Webber chose to have it be her. Because I’m a happy endings kind of girl I would have preferred everything worked out, but whatevs. I mean I’d like to say I wish she didn’t go crazy in the end, but at the same time, I’m like ‘I GET why she ends up like that’ haha.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love LND because Meg’s role is more central in this and I think Sharon does an excellent job of giving Meg depth. She’s just perfect as Meg: her singing voice, her dancing, her height (I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard she’s tiny!), everything she does is just perfect for Meg. I’ve always liked Meg, but I love her now.

i have to convert my essay on animal collective into a speech wtf it was hard enough translating pure unadulterated hipster cred into text

I love that, to establish her undisputed level of mastery as a waterbender

they had ming-hua isolated in a prison that is antithetical to her bending style

and on top of that

easily defeated two prodigy master waterbenders that managed to give korra trouble

and on top of that

had so many uses and creative applications for her waterbending and arms (i’m still not over how she used her arm as one of those doo-hickeys to cut open glass??? how fucking boss is that???)

and on top of that

easily destroy the daughter and protege of the best waterbender in the world (or at least, presumably, in her prime) kya, the moment she got serious

that is some great character/threat establishment

masterful use of the worf effect, bryke

kudos 2 u

Since that last link dump has gotten so much attention, I think I’ll do another one after I read/watch more of the evidence of the trial, as well as catagorizing the evidence and points and adding the past links. It will most likely be done in the next week due to personal events happening in my family. Thank you. 

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i dunno if anyone's messaged you about it yet but the knk post is from the trailer for the upcoming KNK movie! you can watch it here: youtube(.)com(/)watch?v=61XEPUaWiQk

omg thank you!! i cant wait to see mirai again the cutie pie T^T