I cannot. THG fandom is truly one of a kind. Shar made a post that says nothing bad about Peeta. She’s didn’t say Katniss doesn’t love Peeta. She didn’t say Katniss didn’t miss Peeta. Nothing along those lines at all. Shar loves Peeta and people are losing it accusing her of hating on Peeta. How? By not thinking he’s the reason for everything? He’s important. Of course he is. But he’s not everything.

Honestly, all her post says is that Katniss didn’t become the Mockingjay because of Peeta and if you look at the text, that’s true. Peeta calls for a ceasefire and Katniss makes the decision to become the Mockingjay in that moment because she realizes they can’t go back. She realizes she wants to fight. She realizes what she can do. She realizes that. So, I guess, if you want to make the argument that she became the Mockingjay because of Peeta, you could. Your argument would be that Peeta called for a ceasefire and then because of him she makes the decision to become the Mockingjay. But nobody is making that argument.