what really sucks is when you feel like shit and you cant talk to the one person you want to about it bc it’s their fault you feel that way

herocalum asked:

Okay so I ship you with Luke, and not only because you seem to like him most :P Your ship name is really cute, and based on your personality, you just seem like the kinda person that Luke would be attracted to :) But also, Ashton maybe. I feel like Luke or Ashton would definitely like you :D (this is for the ships btw haha)

OmFG UR SO NICE!! Haha, about 2 months ago, I actually had a dream about me and Ashton having sex lmao. And he didn’t have t daddy kink either in it lol

- Boyfriend: Michael

- Best Friend: Calum

- Frenemy: Ashton

- Secret Admirer: Luke

- ATL Ship: Alex

- URL Rate: 10/10

- Blog Rate: 10/10

- Following? No, but ily! | I am now! | Forever babe :-)


sweetmchao asked:

15: Favorite movie 19: A fact about your personality 21: What I love most about myself 39: My favorite ice cream flavor

- Ghost, such a beautiful movie
- I’m one of these really shy at first, but then I’m a total plonker
- One thing I love about myself… I guess I only love my eyes?

Thank yoou :D