I haven’t been my self in almost a year ; everynite I have thoughts of ending my life , I miss what I use to be what I once was , and the person I love don’t see that I’m felling apart inside I just want the old me back

Hey, so


I’m super excited to have started this blog up again, I really missed writing for Mondo and it feels really awesome!! 

I’m gonna be off for the night, I’ll be on my personal for a bit though.  I’ve just had a long week with college stuff I had to take care of so I’m kinda gonna take it easy for the night!! 

Thank you guys for being lovely and I’m super excited to interact with all of you!!

anonymous said:

Is it possible that the picture Jen posted of Colin in the cell was for the scene at the end of 4x05? I know there's another station scene with them and Belle and Elsa but how do we know if for that picture they were filming 4x06?

It’s possible, but personally i think the scene was from 4x06 bc the set reports said that Belle, Elsa, Emma and Killian were in the station filming at the same time. They generally don’t film bits of different episodes together - so imo, we’re getting another sheriff’s station scene this week. But Colin might just have been taking a rest in the cell, it could be just a really short scene where Belle comes and asks them all for help. We’ll just have to wait and see!! :)


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  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Horns
  • After Dark


I cannot wait for The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, Interstellar, Into the Woods, Gone Girl, Big Eyes, The Hobbit!