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tbh id believe u and harry fucked, you're really hot

What if we do fuck and every1 is like ur lying ):

Social anxiety is a lot like stage fright.

It is a crippling fear of being judged and/or messing up horribly.

You go over your lines and actions thousands of times in your head before you go in front of people, but you can’t get rid of your stomach butterflies and still freeze up when you’re on the spot.

You know that the fear is unreasonable and you’ll probably be fine, but you just can’t get over it.

Knowing that all the attention will be placed on you, the newcomer, makes you want to throw up.

So the only real difference between stage fright and social anxiety is that one is “fake”


Why did you decide to participate in the tournament? I wouldn’t believe you were the same Fairy Tail from back in the day.

"For their friends… Seven years, all that time they were waiting for us. No matter how painful it was… No matter how sad… Even if people made fun of them… They held on! They protected the guild… For their friends! And now we’re gonna show everyone the proof that Fairy Tail’s been walking on all this time! So keep on going!"