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Motion Design Reel 2010

My current Reel comprising selected designs produced at Atkon AG in the years 2007–2010.
Clients/Channels in order of appearance:
Bayer, Goldschmidt-Thermit-Group, Deutsche Bahn, DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung, Commerzbank, Eucomed, DB Netz AG, Bosch, Parlaments TV (Deutscher Bundestag), DB Mobil TV, DB International, Microsoft Cebit TV, Microsoft Bizz Kick-Off, VDEF, DB Systel, Vossloh TV, Pressesprecher TV, Vodafone, Talk vom Turm, Bahn TV.

For my other Reel with lots of event, installation and media architecture go here:

If I’m not OCTing I’m gonna be doing some illustrated lit anyway

Who’s up for a draw RP after I get home

وفي مسند الإمام أحمد عن أبي بكر الصديق رضي الله عنه عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم أنه قال : “عليكم بالصدق فإنه مع البر وهما في الجنة، وإياكم والكذب فإنه مع الفجور وهما في النار، وسلوا الله المعافاة، فإنه لم يؤت رجل بعد اليقين خيرا من المعافاة “

I go to bed like normal, and suddenly bar and daub. wow.

I could cry at the beauty of these shirts and pants though. 
I care more about these than the genes tbh. xD

I wanna wear pot socks and prop my feet up in the car. Roll the windows down and let my hair blow around and get tangled up like my life. I wanna give peace signs to strangers as they pass and be hippies with spirits as high as my head is in the clouds from all the pot I just smoked.

This warms my heart 💛 “So… I haven’t started her #washday yet since she’s running back and forth to any and everything that she can see her reflection in and pretending to style her hair. “Mama, I love my hair.” And “I want to wear my fro, can I wear my hair in a fro mama?” Is all she keeps saying. Girls who love their curls….lol.” - @jolieluvlee