icerisers said:

Why was Forge harmed by matter phasing back into existence around him? Was it because it destroyed the physical object that he was possessing?

The space in the shadow ceased to exist, so so did all the stuff that was in it. Including Forge’s legs. Losing those messed him up pretty bad.

He wasn’t possessing anything, he was just wearing armor that wasn’t part of his normal form, it seems! It was invisible at the start of the chapter, though, so it must not have been made of normal metal. Hm!

// the wave of people unfollowing whenever I mention sensitive material is always hilarious.

I state in my rules that my blog will contain this content. Just goes to show how many don’t actually read them lawl

Taylor has been killing her performances lately and if that doesn’t make you excited for the 1989 era then I don’t know what will