I’m gonna have a sideblog which is gonna be Gifs made by me only! I’ll also take gif requests from time to time!

I love that URL I saved and I’m finaly gonna use it!

so i pwp farmed for four hours last night/early morning and got literally one pwp. i don’t get why my villagers hate me so much.

Me with some of my favorite bands growing up. Recognize anyone? I’ve been fortunate enough to work with all of these bands since these were taken years ago and these photos are always a good reminder of why i started doing this. Because at the end of the day… I’m a fan of music. I’m a fan of bands. In the shots… Marduk. Cradle of filth. Mayhem. Nevermore. At the gates. Soilwork. Lacuna coil. Immortal. Hypocrisy. Dimmu borgir. Old man’s child. Children of bodom. Metallica. Motorhead. White zombie. http://ift.tt/VGO2wK