"If you were really depressed, you'd be __________"

This phrase annoys me to no end. It’s been said to me by grandparents, my estranged father (when he found out I was Depressed) and even my mother who SUFFERS FROM DEPRESSION HERSELF. Just because someone is not showing an average symptom of Depression, doesn’t mean they’re not suffering. Please don’t stereotype depression. It is more than just its symptoms.

i cant believe……..all these years……… i never knew the definition of eerie was voodoo doll by vixx

The problem is that depression is really inconvenient to talk about. It becomes very difficult to answer a simple, ‘hey, what’s up?’ I want to be honest and genuine with people, but there isn’t a nice way to say you feel worthless and deserving of death. So of course I say that I’m fine. I don’t want to worry or frighten anyone. I don’t want to call attention to myself. It just feels like I’m drowning in an abyss of anxiety and negative emotions. I’m standing in quicksand. Some days, I do better than others, and my smile can be real. But the bad days are dark, and I don’t always know how to talk about them.
—  11:48pm