I had to turn off anonymous messages.  My inbox was too just overloaded and can’t deal with that many questions.  Sorry guys. (You’ll still see me answer anon questions, those are all from the queue)

If you are curious about something, please check the FAQ first or read back through my blog.  And thanks for all the support from everyone, it means a lot, but I really can’t handle 400+ messages an hour right now.  I hear your support and appreciate it a lot.  Thank you.

anonymous said:

*Hugs you from behind* Hehe... *Blushes* *Runs away*


So almost everything in my computer is officially fried, sans maybe the data and my liquid cooling system. I’ll have the full story tomorrow.

On the bright side, almost everything is considerably cheaper than when I first made The Admiral’s Flagship. Just the graphics card alone is $60-70 cheaper…. Which accounts for the increased RAM prices and those warranties I can now afford as I’m no longer on a strict computer budget.

anonymous said:

When he came out in the tux I may have kicked my legs and cried "Why are you doing this to me you meatball"

man though look at the way his body scrunches up as the water gets dumped on him

he must be suffering a pretty bad case of frozen meatballs after that

anonymous said:

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother I'll work on the donation and hopefully we can signal boost your post so people will understand how personal cancer is.

it’s fine, none of the donations go to me or my family, it goes towards the avon foundation breast cancer crusade. i really hope more people start to realize the importance of getting yourself checked and raising awareness because it really does hit hard when you’re personally affected

anonymous said:

Use only 20 words, all starting with the letters B, E, or N to describe your summer so far. Bonus life points if you use complete sentences :)

Everyday of my summer has been hella busy but hella fun. But, I wish I had time to relax.