It’s that same kind of true love that’s inspired Killian to happily change himself for the better in order to be worthy of Emma. It’s the kind of adoration that’s eclipsed pain so gracefully, it’s made room in his heart for love as opposed to vengeance. Killian’s given in to the darkness within him multiple times in the past, and although he was once a noble man with great honor, the temptation was much stronger than the light. And as he declares beautifully this week, it was meeting Emma that gave him the strength to turn against the temptation – to remain on the path of nobility. Colin O’Donoghue and Jennifer Morrison were once again on top of their game as they brought raw emotions to life masterfully. What we loved most is that while O’Donoghue delivered his lines with remarkable sincerity and an ever-present tinge of fear, Morrison played Emma with a mirroring sincerity complimented by a poise that’d give Killian the confidence and tranquility he needs while she’s gone. Killian would go to the end of the world or time for Emma and though the three words still haven’t been exchanged, the two of them do an enamoring job of illuminating a colossal amount of adoration in the little ways they substantiate just how profound their feelings truly are.
—  MG Circles (X)
Let’s take Emma and Killian for example because who doesn’t want to use every opportunity possible to talk about the show’s most adorable couple?! Their meeting was entirely an act of fate but being together was a choice the two of them made. It can be classified as the universe’s doing because what are the odds that Emma’s accidental fall into a portal would lead her to a place where she’d be of use to Cora and Killian. At the time, Storybrooke’s curse was already broken thereby giving the two the opportunity to find the wardrobe’s remains + the compass that’d secure their passage into our land. They never needed Emma or Snow. However, Killian and Emma were clearly meant to meet because they were meant to fall in love. And we saw that even in the past, when their paths crossed, the two were completely enamored with one another – though Emma knew what was going on, her attraction to past Killian was still strong. You don’t choose if you’re attracted to someone, but you choose what to do with that attraction. And for so long Emma pushed Killian away while he willingly chose to change himself in order to be worthy of her. It was Killian’s choice to become a hero as opposed to remaining a villain, and it was Emma’s choice to open her heart to his adoration. Emma could’ve fallen in love with him and became a villain also couldn’t she have? Instead she chose the honorable path only to find that she was most drawn to the sincerity and kindness he’d shown her despite his notorious moniker.
—  MG Circles (X)
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I design magical girls based off of creepypastas and have come up with an origin story of how they’d all come into existence, interact and what they would fight. It’s not gore so the creepypasta crowd wouldn’t like it and it’s directly about dark elements such as fear, murder and using magic for personal gain, so I don’t know if the traditional MG crowd would even give it a shot. And it makes me depressed that I ever had the idea.

submitted by Anon

True love is light and strength – it holds the immovable power to ground a person’s heart in a place of absolute serenity and elation. By choice, neither of their hearts could ever go dark because the goodness they’re filled with through the adoration they feel stands guard as the heart’s unparalleled shield. Much like Snow and Charming, at this point it’s safe to state that if darkness were to fully tempt Killian or Emma, the other’s love would serve as the light that brings them back home.
—  MG Circles (X)