I Don't Know What to Write Here

So I took the IELTS the other day and while being interviewed about random things, I remember saying, “…how should I say this?…”
Hold up, did I just admit that I didn’t know how to form coherent sentences to an interviewer??? In a speaking test in which they test um, idk, my ABILITY TO SPEAK?! Needless to say, I was mortified. UGH. Y ME NO ENGLISH WELL?!
Anyways, as I was going home, I realized that me saying what I did, didn’t mean that I meant what I said.
It dawned on me as I was going home that day that I didn’t really mean that I didn’t know how to draw words and string them together. What I DID mean was that, I needed a moment to look for words that would best describe the thoughts in my head. Since I was asked about why I liked the music that I listened to, I immediately sang in my head and tried to explain how listening to that particular type makes me feel. And let me tell you, it isn’t easy describing the “feel” of the music and the words and beats and all that. I knew what it felt like to me but sometimes what you feel is your own and you just can’t make others experience the same now matter how hard you try.
I hope they know what I meant; that I didn’t actually not know how to word but that I said that as a filler for the time I took to relay how I feel about my favorite type of music. Phew.

On a side note, is it acceptable to break out in song during an interview?

Oh, well. They can’t talk to me about music and not expect me to sing.



﴿وإلى مدين أخاهم شعيبا فقال يا قوم اعبدوا الله وارجوا اليوم الآخر ولا تعثوا في الأرض مفسدين﴾