are you ever in public and you just think to yourself “wow most of these people are straight & cis and they probably think im one of them”

They have clothes now, after I had to reluctantly draw them on. :P

Ch13 was finished last night. It’ll get uploaded this evening. For now, gotta finish this. :D

workly things

boss lady: so yea we have these boards that students get to write on for events and such but they have to be erased by closing unless the boss man says they have permission to keep em up. 

me : yea i put something up for my club the other day ^^ 

boss lady: i wonder if they know we get rid of them every night though…like one time this dance club came in and did this really elaborate design…

me: i know them! a good bit of em are art majors ^////^

boss lady: after all their hard work i just erased it with a smile at the end of the day ^^

me: ;  A;