on one hand

  • skinny dipping sounds awful

but on the other hand

  • for some strange reason i feel as though my life will not be a full one if i don’t go skinny dipping at least once during it
Thalassian Citizen’s Forum


Thalassian Citizen’s Forum

Date: September 13th

Time: 6pm

Place : Sunstrider Isle (Exact location TBD)

Two spots left for a speaker, if you are interested in speaking feel free to add my btag in game: TheMoon#1918 or if you are not comfortable with that send me an ingame mail or whisper to Revalor/Kallenor





As always be certain you visit the site  and read the guidelines for speakers. I Need to speak with all speakers ic and ooc once they are chosen. 

GUIDELINES of the Citizen’s Forum are found HERE. You are encouraged to read them. 

IF you would like an invitation on the in game calender you may contact me on on Revalor or ask a legacy chair for an invite as I am making them all mods for the event and hoping all have been invited. ALSO Guild Masters are being given mod rights to see to the invitations of their people as well. IF you are a GM and need mod status, please let me know. I do not know all the GMs on this server so please contact me for invite to calender.

Signal boosts are, as always, appreciated and encouraged!

Thank you.

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[STARCAST] BTS one night runaway! [방탄소년단, 한밤 중의 런웨이]

(cr @armYMe95)


kissfmseattle: backstage at the Ed Sheeran concert A sample of the #exclusiveevent with @edsheeran for @kissfmseattle listeners! #enjoy

Y’all don’t understand how happy I am. I have weed. I have Jameson. I also have “Dazed And Confused” with a nice air conditioned room with an ever so comfy bed. LIFES FUCKING GREAT