There are a couple things I know in this world. 1) cats are cuddly
2) flowers smell good
3) and we are going to be together forever
—  The thing that made me blush and fill with joy

gazellegalaxy asked:

I feel your pain on the whole name thing. I'm gender fluid and I prefer the name Bambi to my birth name because Bambi is a unisex name. the more you use Angel, the more people will get used to it. 💟🌸

Yeahhh I hope so!

I’m glad my sponsors even call me Angel now ^__^ <333

Yung ang kati kati ng sugat ko. Kain pa kasi ng manok. Nakalimutan ko kasi na bawal pala ako sa manok. Sheyt. Edi ang kati tuloy T.T Ge, walang may pake. Huehue

crystalghostguts asked:

are you funky enough for the funky duck dance?

Dorian doesn’t know what this means and neither do I

either way we’re about to sleep and we’ve both sobered us quite a bit

sidenotes unfortunately the make outs did not happen for those interested