Edale Hathersage for sims3medieval Game of Sims Challenge.

Edale Hathersage descends from a long line of Hathersages who have ruled over the Kingdom for centuries.  The Hathersages over the past fifty years have been unpopular with the people who claim that Lord Hathersage, Edale’s father, was a tyrant and had little in common with his subjects.  Edale, however, is not like her father and plans to rule her Kingdom fairly and justly.  Now Edale’s father is dead, the people want a new ruler, can Edale change her Kingdom for the better or will she fail under the pressure?


  • Angler
  • Friendly 
  • Atheletic
  • Brave 
  • Shy

CC used: Skin (Starfruit), Hair, Freckles 1 | 2, Dress, Lipstick, Eyelashes, Contacts (my default)

ok imma just say it

to interviewers: Stop bringing up fanfics and fanarts to actors if you KNOW it will make them uncomfortable (unless you’re sharing it with dignity like Jimmy Fallon does) If you only mean to mock and make the actors uncomfortable because you think that it’s “funny”, here’s some wise advice: don’t

to fans: Stop bringing up ships and shipping wars to actors/cast especially if you KNOW it will make them uncomfortable. What’s more, they are human beings equally entitled to their own interpretation of the fictional characters that they created. Their interpretation may differ from yours. If you cannot accept that their opinions might be different from yours, don’t even ask. In the end you’re the one who’s gonna cry if what they say doesn’t fall in line with what you wish. Face it, some of you don’t actually want their opinion, you want a yes-man, a crowd pleaser. Some people like RDJ are naturally crowd pleasers, others like Benedict tend to give their honest opinions when asked a question. If you know you can’t take it, if you know it will make them uncomfortable, then don’t bring up character ships. It’s that simple.

For real, they’re gonna kill Robert aren’t they?
I can’t get over that gifset, it’s all pointing to it. Might as well prepare myself now.

I really hope it will be just an attempt to kill him. But those foreshadowing lines tells otherwise.

Is that why they made a point of his birthday? Will that damn clock be involved? Maybe Chrissie tries shooting him and by reflex he puts his arms in front of him and the bullet hits the watch? That would be kinda cool haha.

She’ll probably try another way. Robert is gonna die isn’t he?

First Visible Light Observations of Exoplanet Made

Now, an international team of researchers—led by Jorge Martins from the Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (IA) and the Universidade do Porto—have, for the very first time, obtained the spectral lines of a non-transiting exoplanet in visible light.

The planet—51 Pegasi b, a hot-Jupiter exoplanet found approximately 50 light-years from Earth in the Pegasus constellation—was well known long before their landmark observations, being that it holds the title of being the very first planet found orbiting a Sun-like star. Given its close proximity, it’s an ideal target for this novel application. Learn how it works: http://bit.ly/1GuXdUa

Image Credit: ESA/University of Florida, Kirk39/Celestia (via Wikimedia)

I don’t know all the things you know, but you don’t know the things I know either.  I don’t disrespect you and take your rights!  SO GIVE ME MY FUCKIN RIGHTS!!  You can’t fool me.  You can’t trick me.  I didn’t have nothing to do with killing those people, PERIOD.  I’ve TOLD you that all the way down the line.  I wasn’t around anyone when they were killed.  I’m not saying I’m not capable of doing it myself, but I’m just saying this:  I did not DO that!  And I could’ve PROVED it in a court of law! - Charles Manson during his 1997 parole hearing.


Ayye look, clouds! <- (( Thanks gloomymark-art, for a small tutorial o>o! ))

So, I went with my mother for a strategic planning meeting overnight for her Rotary .3. I didn’t have much to do- I was supposed to help explain something but they ended up not needing me :v

Since the internet was so terrible I could load anything at all, I decided to think of more ideas for prints- but kinda failed ;w;

I also, coloured this in because I kinda realized how embarrassing it is to color it in because of the way I lined it so, sorry ^-^” I could show you guys the individual layers during the stream though o3o!

Eyy, I’m going to digitalize that Twilight thing I did a month or two ago as a print owo

So this has happened a few times.

You’re listening to a DVD commentary. It’s approaching one of your favourite parts that you just can’t wait to hear the actors talk about, maybe even laugh along with you. You sit there with baited breath, hoping they will finish the conversation they’re on with just enough time for them to focus on this amazing line.

They talk right over it.


Puddles quiver out of anxiety– my country stretches
its fingers over its neighbor’s waist and catches the tremor. 

I am turning
into less and less, day by day: 

I live with a cat, it is in me,
it is black. It refuses to leave
or stop clawing my body
from the inside. (I hate it.)

[It is no longer clear
what weight
this fear 
lends to my 

 Less than a month’s gap between this boy and that:
 I am already in another’s lap unlearning how to kiss the first.
 reminder: time is irrelevant and non-existent.
 reminder: all mistakes are forgivable as long as
 they hurt none other than yourself.]

 The doctors
 hand me white flags
 disguised as

I surrender, into new arms, into new alarms. The chandelier clinks. Newspapers line my dinner table. I admit: I am afraid. Nothing subsists.