#01 Custom Page: Social Links
Credit: BG | Brush | Cards [1] [2] | Edits/Renders

Live Preview: here | Code (PasteBin): [Standard Deck] [with Aeon and Hunger Arcana] | Support/Questions: here

This is the first page I’ve coded from scratch for Tumblr, and with that said, I do hope you like it!

It’s a relationships/family page, ideal for roleplay blogs. Though of course, it also works nicely as a family page.

It was more or less inspired by various aspects of the social link screens present in Persona, as implied by the name. Clicking on the cards at the left side to jump to certain sections of the text, namely the respective arcana represented by each image.

I tried to make the code self-documenting, but if you have any questions regarding the code, feel free to drop by my inbox!


  1. Go to Tumblr’s customize page.
  2. In the customize screen, under Pages, select + Add A Page.
  3. Select Custom Layout from the dropdown and copy-paste the code in the text box provided.

Please like or reblog if you plan on using it! c:

Theme #02: Silver Bullet
Credit: BG | Sample Sidebar Image | Other Renders

Static Preview/Code | Installation Instructions | Support

A theme that was more or less inspired by the game Dangan Ronpa. Should I apologize for using Togami as the theme’s poster boy?

Regardless, I hope you all like it. Do like or reblog if you plan on using it!

Features/Customization Options:

  • 400px/500px posts
  • Infinite scroll/pagination
  • Show/hide image captions
  • Show/hide tags
  • Six (6) custom links + additional links through Tumblr’s page links
  • Mouse-over reblog button/post source
  • Change title
  • Toggle post opacity
  • (Optional) Background image (tiled)
  • Student ID: Text info is fully customizable as well as the background color. Also, the optional ID image auto-resizes to 110px x 160px (untick FixedIDImageHeight if you don’t want the height to be automatically 160px).

teddybearkennedy said:

Can you guys make an effort to ensure all of your featured people be clearly named? You reblogged something with the title "Artist Creates Beautiful Tribute Using Old Photos of Her Late Mother Alongside the Possessions She ‘Left Behind'," which I know was the article title, but it would have been nice if you had added that her name is Jennifer Loeber. We don't want our Smart Girls to be nameless.

Absolutely! Thank you for pointing this out :) 

We’ve edited the post and linked to Jennifer’s website.


We will do our best to make sure no more Smart Girls go nameless!

now that i think of it how am i even alive after eating that tho whatever happened to food poisoning??? how does food poisoning work

Theme #03: Into the Abyss
Credit: BG

Static Preview | Code | Installation Instructions | Support

My love for Tales of the Abyss has given birth to this theme!

That sounded disturbing, didn’t it? Ohoho. There isn’t much to say, really. I just love Tales of the Abyss so much, and it’s one of those games that would always remain close to my heart, along with Persona 3.

In any case, I hope you all like it or find some use for it. I would greatly appreciate a like or reblog if you plan on using it. Enjoy!

Features/Customization Options:

  • 400px/500px posts
  • Infinite scroll/pagination
  • Show/hide image captions
  • Show/hide tags
  • Eight (8) custom links
  • Like button/reblog button on mouseover of post
  • Change title and sidebar info
  • Toggle sidebar image tilt (for those who don’t like the angle)

#02 Custom Page: Tales of the Abyss - Status
Credit: BG | Stamp | Renders

Live Preview: here | Code: pastebin | Installation Instructions | Support/Questions: here

This page is an approximation of the status screen you see in Tales of the Abyss, intended to be either an “about me” or a “headcanon” page—though if you could find another use for it, that is fine as well. I hope no one minds that I did not bother including the text at the upper right corner of the screen. Also, the renders for this page were a pain to make, but I would like to think that they turned out none too worse for wear.


  • By default, the image at the right side resizes to 270px x 350px.
  • The icon at the upper right defaults to your blog’s icon.
  • The content box automatically grows a scrollbar if your content exceeds the height of the box, so no need to worry about going beyond the box.
  • Instructions for further customization can be found in the code itself. Search for <!— or /* to read the relevant notes.

As usual, do like or reblog if you plan on using this page!

anonymous said:

Who is your known stalker? If you're going to tell me that it's me I will not be happy


I find it interesting that your first response would be annoyance (and hesitant acceptance of the fact I’ve identified you as a stalker) and not, idk, perhaps something more along the line of a denial?