D: I wish I had brought a nightgown instead of regular pajamas with pants. It’s hot and this pull out couch is uncomfortable and bluhhhhh. I know I could just take the pants off but I’m in the middle of the living room and that could be awkward…

anonymous said:

Hey there beautiful. I hope you're having an awesome night or day or whatever it may be. You've got a laugh that sounds better than an angel singing, so you should laugh more often. Your guinea pigs are adorable and so are you. I love love love seeing you on dash because you brighten it just a bit more. I hope the night treats you well.

This is freaking adorable. I love you gray face. Its like 3 am and this just made me so happy oh my goodness. I was just in such a shitty mood but you just made me smile so much.

so when i was younger i had never come across weed and someone said “it smells like hippies” and i didn’t know what patchouli smelled like either but that’s what i thought hippie smell was so i just figured that my perception of hippie smell was the same as theirs. so i thought weed smelled like patchouli