S I M P L E - A N D - C L E A N || N Y C T O T H E M E S

Hello! This is the Simple and Clean Theme by nyctothemes. It’s a minimalist KH theme for minimalist KH fans! I would say the main focus is the simple KH Symbol on the sidebar. It’s 160x160 in pixels, and any background image for it smaller than that will repeat itself in a pattern. I feel bad that the options to decorate it aren’t all in one area because of tumblr’s layout for the Customization Page :/ Go here for more info on the sidebar symbol.
The codes are the exact same, they just start off with different colors :)

I just recently added an FAQ, so check that out if you have a question. If your question isn’t answered, then come and ask me and I’ll reply when i can! Please forgive me if I don’t know the answer OTL

R U L E S:
  • do not remove any theme credit, neither from page or coding.
  • do not move credit to a page.
  • click link above for more, but those two i care for the most
F E A T U R E S:
  • lots of customization options
  • 4 extra links
  • KH Symbol for sidebar
    • Heart Logo
    • Keyblade symbol
    • Crown symbol
    • Roxas’s symbol
    • Mickey symbol
    • Heartless symbol
    • Nobodies symbol
    • Chaser symbol (Wayfinder trio)
    • Unversed symbol
    • Spirits symbol
    • Nightmares symbol
  • custom cursor. Go here for more KH cursors
  • custom favicon. Go here for more KH favicons
O P T I O N S:
  • dark or light background
  • smaller or larger fonts (by popular request LMAO)
  • monochrome photos/photosets
  • faded photos/photosets
  • darker or lighter audio player
  • simple post info or regular post info
  • credit in right or left corner

What was this path for, and where did it lead? Was Radiant Garden the only kingdom on its world, were there any other cities beyond the mountains?

(Is each world like its own planet, complete with their own unique solar system and whatnot? Radiant Garden, at least has its own day/night cycle, judging from the Final Episode in BBS.)

I drew this for the wonderful mickeyblades who wanted to have a pizza keyblade if she were in KH. Pizza is the key to everything. Pizza is amazing. but to me spaghetti is everything

I hope you like it!!!  ♥ ♥ ♥

I love how like the number one rule about traveling between worlds is to keep order by not telling anyone there are other worlds in the first place and Sora just sorta goes around telling everyone “oh yeah I’m from another world and I’ve been to all these other worlds and we need to find this world” like… Sora did you even listen to anyone when they talked about NOT telling them that?