Okay so this guy today was tryna hmu and he was like

'Wow you spend so much time doing stuff for other ppl' (because I mentioned I was volunteering somewhere once)

'Have you ever really taken care of yourself? You need to chill. We should do it sometime'

And I was like oh.


it’s sad bc in my dreams I am me except really tall and full and muscle like full as in full grown and I’m literally me but tall and deep voice and t makes me soo sad

anonymous asked:

How long till you think we will start getting baby posts? Im so excited for them to be born <3

Not until the new year, I’m sorry! I’ve got like 90 more posts or so before even the first of them goes into labour, then I have the labour to do, etc. I did a lot of photos during their pregnancy!

Morning. I may or may not have finished this for @lessthanjake early this morning. Happy with both designs I’ve done, which is awesome. Today I continue on a piece for the guys at @grimapparel which shall be fun. Great to work with a local brand. And some band work tonight too. Damn. #illustrator #illustration #design #vector #art #lessthanjake #baker2d #spiritanimal #animal #crest #love #music #redfox #wolf #octopus #sabertooth #owl