Saturday Night Live Korea with SHINee recording (no spoilers)
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→ Taemin sneezed really loudly while walking off stage it was so cute~
→ Taemin and the snl staff lady stared at me and my friend cause we were practically screaming in feelz for one skit
→ At the very end, Onew and Taemin held hands and danced together~ ONTAE~
→ The SHINee members saw the shawols that came for them and they all smiled and waved to us
→ You guys will get to experience a new side of SHINee but you guys will love it so much ^_^
→ At the end,Jonghyun was imitating a part of his skit to Taemin and Taemin laughed and imitated it a little too

Yukako is still credited in the booklet, even if it is as an ex-member. All the members contributed with lyrics to the album!

Yukako wrote the lyrics to Monsters, Toumin Shojo and Lonely girl. Aina wrote the lyrics for Is this call??. Momoko wrote Da Dance!! and Pirapiro. Hug Mii wrote Hug Me (lmao). And Chitti wrote School Girls Bang Bang and Story Brighter.

Wolf + Lamb vs. Soul Clap - DJ-KiCKS Exclusives EP1 (!K7)

Preceeding the head-to-head mix of the two leading American house duos, !K7 release the exclusive tracks as a taster. The sultry funk of a cross-collaboration with Soul Clap’s Charles Levine and Wolf+Lamb’s Gadi Mizrahi and Deniz Kurtel, Tanner Ross and Slow Hands all featuring. Very delicious!

EP and single tracks now available for download (MP3 / 320 kb/s)

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Honestly I think you're pretty fan-freakin-fabulous. Just sayin

I’m not entirely sure what that means but thank you :~)

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"So you're not completely stupid after all." [Wow r00d]

rare were the moments when her usual & perfect composure slipped, letting show
in her pale eyes a completely unusual flame. but apparently, this was one.
luckily for this guy (oh look, irony) ——- it never lasted very long, the deity knowing
when to stop; and instead, a charming smile (or at least polite) replaced the fleeting
expression haunting her gaze.

         “ i apologize if i caused any disturbances —- my lack of knowledge
                                       is really unforgivable. “

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when are you going to publish your short film?

still in post-production, we are aiming for a mid summer release. i wanna have a little viewing party in San Francisco in August ;) 

When Saints Go Machine- Kelly (Shlohmo Remix)

Califonia producer Shlohmo turns When Saints Go Machine’s album highlight Kelly into something slightly more sinister with his whispery remix. The lead vocal become pitch-shifted hints of melody shrouded in echo; the bubbling beat of the original transformed into half-time hip-hop, something like Burial on codeine. Shlohmo’s full length LP Bad Vibes is out now on Friends of Friends.


Dvicio - Premios Cadena 100

May 28, 2015