Will letter for lunch

Lauren Hom had the idea to combine her love for lettering with the love for food. She went to New York and lettered restaurant signs and menus in exchange for the exact food items lettered and written out. Here is what she made out of it. We would give her the best food we have!


because I love you
more than anyone else i’ve met up until now
自分のその夢 大切に
i want to be able to protect
those precious dreams of yours”

Family Guy Online uses cel shaded graphics.[2] The game uses typical MMORPG character classes such as having Stewie act as a ranger, Peter as a tank, and Lois as a healer.[3]Players create their own character in the game using the Griffin family as a template. The actual characters from the show are reserved as non-playable characters (NPCs) in the game in order to give the player quests and advance the storyline (pictured).[3] The NPCs in the game are voiced by the same voice actors in the show.[3]

The game used two types of in-game currency: cash and clams.[2] Clams are earned by completing in-game objectives.[2]

anonymous asked:

Howdy! Could you write a sterek fic with agender!Stiles?

The first time Derek saw Stiles wear anything besides pants was a sunny Sunday halfway through summer. The pack had all decided to spend the day at the park, relax, and have some fun with Derek’s new dog, Titan. Lydia brought Prada along for a puppy play date, and the two got along swimmingly.

The first thing Derek saw when he heard the beat of Stiles’ heart and looked over to shout out a greeting was smooth hairless legs covered by a neat floral skirt. Derek had to do a double take, but he wasn’t wrong. Stiles was in a skirt. 

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I drew these a while ago, but decided to make them public since it’s Shinichi’s birthday today and I love him.

The top one is from a storyline that I’m doing with pixel-witchy, the rest are from SPACE AU, which yukitsukihana and I invented and I am developing into a graphic novel (eventually). 

BUNNICHI is one of my favorite things in the world. <3 Happy birthday, Shinibun!

so, i somehow hit 100 followers during my hiatus, and what better way to announce the end of that hiatus than a bias list? i’m so thankful to all of you for standing by me and my beautiful droid son, and i’m so honored to be a part of such a wonderful roleplaying community! 

all of these people have my heart ( and threepio’s eternal concern tbh ).

( in no particular order. )

gluttcny / vuhlkansu. detroitcop / jaigeyed. furyaan / reformedhero.
emotiviism. unseenmockingjay. ofgasmasks. veilled. repliicant.
battlewrought​. vitaiisms​. 
ashenwinged​. flirtiings​ / thechosenxne​.
allonsyalone​. tunicisms​. venustusspinum​. ofpenderghast​.
nebularistic​. organaa​. leadrebel​ / toshootfirst​. mxsteryoda​ /
aheroonce​. mechanicstark​. nabxrrie​ / sniips​. willnotfight​. republici​.
fineknight​. ofnegotiations​. khagaan​. legendsinthegalaxy​. flooredunder​.
notaflouncygirl​. astrxdroid​ / thelevixthan​. motherofasgard​. silenceweapxn.