i remember when i would blog about hot dad lot and i would get like 20 really passionate messages every time i posted about him and half were like “you stupid fucking idiot cunt he’s just using you for sex he doesn’t give a shit about you you’re so naive bitch you’re such an easy fucking whore you digust me” and the other half were like, “yaaaasss mama get that older man dick you’re an american hero get that good sex yasss queen you’re my inspiration in life you give me hope and confidence i love you slay these ugly haters”

i just published my first chapter on wattpad:) please read? you can message me when you’re done if you want to and i’ll check out your blog, give you ba/br, fb, etc.

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So my mom’s friend’s son is staying with us and so is my mom’s friend. Earlier he was talking about how cool his hometown was (it’s better than mine) and he eventually said “the guys are better looking up there too.” I then replied “I don’t care about guys.” then he said “well the girls are better looking up there.” and I just like how he just reversed the gender instead of freaking out and stuff and yeah