Oh my god

so one of my friends challenged me to read a gender bender manga because he knows that I used to find them extremely weird. I don’t anymore because he made me read a bunch. Anybody who has ever read genderbenders knows that they usually have more or less similar beginnings. Boy turns to girl or vice-versa and they’re like “holy crap what happened?!” or sometimes it’s an intentional thing. The character then has to continue living their life in their new appearance. Blah blah blah you get the idea.

My friend recommended this new manga that was apparently unofficially released in English today. It’s called Mayonaka no X Giten. The main character is kind of an asshole (I guess) because he thinks his NEET sister has everything easier as a girl. He wishes he could be a girl to live an easy life. He goes to his room in a fit of anger and vents out his frustration by going to a sketchy site that somebody sent him earlier claiming that it is possible for him to become a girl.

There’s some voodoo crap where you put a charm on your forehead when you go to sleep at night and you switch bodies with someone in a group of 8 other people who have done the charm. He lives a couple hours in the life of an idol and realizes it’s actually pretty damn tedious and goes back to his own body.
The crazy twist in the end is what really got me because it went from generic(-ish) gender bender to the beginning of a very dark psychological trip.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I’m actually gonna enjoy this manga. I was genuinely so shocked that I gasped. I’m gonna recommend this manga to people- even if you dislike gender benders. This seems like it’s gonna be different from the rest.

I’m only writing this based on my thoughts on the first chapter. There’s a second one out and I’m about to read that. I doubt I’ll change my mind any time soon though.

Also, sorry for the long post.

anonymous said:

Is it wrong for me to not want friends? they just use me and they dont listen ive told them how i felt but they just didnt seem to listen,sometimes i wonder why im still friends with them if they just keep ignoring me or using me i just dont want to seem like a bad person i used to be popular but then i started to look at things diffrently like more wisely and maturally and then they all turned there backs on me they started spreading rumors and bullying me idk why i never thought to ask

Hey sweetie,

It’s not wrong at all to not want to stay friends with someone if you feel as though they’re not treating you properly.

People change as they grow, it sounds like you matured more quickly than they did, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Try speaking to an adult that you trust about what they’re doing, and how they’re making you feel, they can help you to stop things from being this way, and to make things better.

In the meantime, if you want to make friends, try joining clubs and societies in your area in activities that you enjoy. That way, you can meet like minded people, who you’ll have something in common with, and hopefully that you can become great friends with!

Try to speak to someone about how they’re treating you. It isn’t fair that they’re behaving this way, and you don’t deserve it.

Stay strong honey.



Upcoming doodles:

Kira and Jadzia
Possibly Garak in that muzzle/bridle I mentioned but the sketches are pretty bad and I don’t know if I want to really show them
Maybe Tuvok
More Kira and Jadzia
More space girlfriend ocs I’m sorry they keep happening

Just… all sorts of random ST crap. This is all Garak’s fault. I’m not kidding. I didn’t give a toss about cardassians until Garak, and by extension didn’t draw any doodles. Garak is costing me money in new sketchbooks. D<

anonymous said:

So do you watch the Tokyo ghoul anime or read the manga?

both i read the manga and watch the anime just bc i wanna see how it goes and im a rly big fan but the manga is way better everyone should read the manga