I’d be so buggered if I didnt live so close to a grocery store.
About to walk back for the third time because I forget something AGAIN

Aku tidak sempurna.
Dan tugasku hanyalah menemukan ia yang sanggup menerimaku di segalanya.
—  @saraahauliaa 

#10: Ecstasy (Trippy Picture Book) (English Edition)
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Ecstasy (Trippy Picture Book) (English Edition)
Seymour Butts (Autore)

Download: EUR 0,99

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anonymous asked:

In the middle of Haylor, when Louis and Harry's forced separation from each other seemed interminable, he wrote "Don't Let Me Go" for his Lou. *bites my fist* *punches self in face* *still cries*

he also wrote Where do broken hearts go….. *double-punch*