Witty Revenger, Teyrnon [G-BT03/023 (/R)]   

[AUTO](RC):[Counter Blast (1)] When your vanguard Legion, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your vanguards, and until end of turn, it gets “[AUTO](VC):When this unit attacks a vanguard, your opponent may choose one of his or her rear-guards, and retires it. If he or she does not, until end of that battle, your opponent cannot call cards from hand to (GC).”.

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BTW, since you bothered to make up some fake GC text midway there, I'm pretty sure you've noticed which particular numerals GC's leetspeak happens to use.

Oh, yeah, it wasn’t even legit leet speak, she did use lots of letters and also it was all in Caps Lock. She only used 1 for the letter “I”, 4 for the “A” and 3 for the………WAIT.

di ko lang talaga magets kung pano nagagawa ng ibang students yung di man lang mag-effort mag-aral kahit konti i mean kung ayaw nilang mag-aral ade sana sinabe na lang nila sa parents nila kesa naman yung nagbabayad ng tuition yung parents nila para makitang mababa yung grades nila like ugh tas puro kalokohan pa ginagawa sa school jusq ako alam kong di ako ganon ka-gc pero at least i’m making an effort, somehow, bc nakikita kong todong nagttrabaho sila mommy and daddy para lang maprovide yung needs ko, as much as possible, ayokong bigyan sila ng kung anong shit bc they don’t deserve it zz nakakapaghinayang lang kase ang daming bata na gusto mag-aral tas sila na nabigyan ng chace na makapag-aral, sinasayang lang. it’s just sad yknow. sorry nadala lang ako sa series na pinapanood ko kaya napa-rant ako bigla pero kase naman.

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Now that the Golden Company is back in Westeros, presumably many of the members will want their ancestral lands back. How feasible would this be? Presumably the current owners of those lands would have something to say about it. Will the demands of the GC hinder (f)Aegon's ability to bring the Westerosi nobility to his side?

Thanks for the question!

Depends really on who’s asking for lands back. While the Golden Company boasts a variety of names, not all of them are genuine, as Jon Connington points out:

Others claimed names that had once loomed large in the histories of the Seven Kingdoms; Griff counted two Strongs, three Peakes, a Mudd, a Mandrake, a Lothston, a pair of Coles. Not all were genuine, he knew. In the free companies, a man could call himself whatever he chose. (”The Lost Lord”, A Dance with Dragons)

Of these, the Peakes are probably the most likely to be genuine, since Lord Gormon Peake had been a loyal supporter of Daemon I Blackfyre and a primary backer of the abortive rebellion of Daemon II and Maekar I died during the Peake Uprising in 233 AC. Since the Golden Company was specifically founded to put a Blackfyre on the Iron Throne, I’d easily believe these Peakes are descendants of the Peakes who first supported Daemon around a hundred years ago.

That said, your question regarded giving back ancestral lands. Again, I think it depends on who’s asking. Certainly, if both the Strongs and the Lothstons of the Golden Company are claiming to be the true heirs of their houses, Aegon will find a problem on his hands; he can’t give Harrenhal to both of them. Nor do I think Aegon is about to give the entirety of the Trident to John and Lorimas Mudd, considering the Mudds last ruled in Westeros several thousand years ago.

More likely, Aegon will divvy out land to his supporters not by what they claim “ancestrally” (since I doubt any except maybe the Peakes really think themselves the true heirs of their claimed names) but by what he takes from those who oppose him. The same situation happened during Robert’s Rebellion with the Conningtons:

But the Mad King was always chopping off his Hands. He had chopped Lord Jon after the Battle of the Bells, stripping him of honors, lands, and wealth, and packing him off across the sea to die in exile, where he soon drank himself to death.The cousin, though—Red Ronnet’s father—had joined the rebellion and been rewarded with Griffin’s Roost after the Trident. He only got the castle, though; Robert kept the gold, and bestowed the greater part of the Connington lands on more fervent supporters. (”Jaime III”, A Feast for Crows)

Aegon needs his Westerosi allies as much as his Golden Company, perhaps more; he’s not going to rob any of them of their castles if they rally to him, even if those castles “technically” belong to members of the Golden Company. Now, if he can get any of these ancestral seats back through battle - and their putative owners actually claim them - I don’t think he’ll hesitate; after all, it meant much to Jon Connington to get Griffin’s Roost back from his pro-Baratheon cousin,

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

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oh i think they mean the fic where GC was "hearing voices" and nobody else believed they were real. that was a wonderful fic. it makes me want to draw about it. write more of those.

Oooh, right! Well, I didn’t really come up with it, it was a thing that really happened to the girl. I only… uhm, expanded on it. AND FEEL FREE TO DRAW IT IF YOU WANT! But if you ever do, I fully expect you to submit it to me as soon as it becomes spoiler-free for me! :D 

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Hey Felix, do you ever hang out with some other heroes in the arcade like Mario or Sonic? If so, what do you think of them?

I think they’re a swell bunch of folks! We have a lot in common, considering our job titles us as heroes. I don’t hang out as much as I’d like to. Sonic is somewhat of a celebrity in the arcade, what with his psa’s playing in GCS almost constantly, and Mario is a tricky one to peg down. He’s either late or forgets to show up, but he’s a rather busy fellow as well. I’d say the same for myself before the game-jumping adventure. All I did was stay in my game and look after the Nicelanders and the apartment building during quitting time, and once morning came about it was back to work for all of us.

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I get that you hate GC going down, but like Elsword is the spiritual successor of GC and saying fuck that game is kinda like insulting GC since they knew GC wouldn't last too long with the engine it was ran under. Just let the legacy of GC carry onto Elsword and at least leave GC on a better note.

Spiritual successors never work for me because you have to realize that these are two different games with two different directions. Elsword can’t be claimed to be the spiritual successor when the only thing that it remotely has that was GC related is the Skill Tree and the coloring of the first 3 main casts.

But it plays nothing like GC. If you tried to give me the comparison of Megaman and Mighty Number 9, then yeah, THOSE are spiritual successors. Megaman Battle Network and Megaman Starforce. THOSE are spiritual successors.

Grand Chase and Elsword? That’s like telling me Tekken is the Spiritual Successor of Soul Calibur.

GC lasted 8 years and after S3 ended, it started going downhill, but that was because they started dealing with Elsword, which what they should’ve did was focus on GC harder. Instead their ideas and such got split in half, and where they made one side successful, the other failed, and then they started implementing Elsword-esque things into GC where they shouldn’t had.

Elsword can’t carry any legacy GC had because Elsword literally took it along with all the good ideas when it was created.

GC’s engine could’ve been great had they given it half… hell, even a quarter of the attention they did with Elsword’s, but they literally stopped trying.

There is no ‘better note’ to leave GC on; it was murdered by it’s own creators that created a game they put on life support with a fanbase that held on for as long as possible hoping that they’d treat them with some love or fairness like they’ve been doing before Elsword was born. Instead, Elsword was born and got all the attention like a spoiled baby would and we Grand Chasers were left without word or reason as to why our game was dying out. They didn’t let us know, they just kept us in the dark, (and this is the part that really pisses me off) while we spent our money on a game THEY KNEW they were planning on killing so they’d have more funds for a game we were never interested in.

And instead of trying work with us, after we all adapted to the bullshit Elswordian changes in the Grand Chase game, they decide ‘oh, fuck it, kill it, we’ve gotten all we’re going to get from it’. And to ‘compensate’ (I use this word VERY VERY VERY LIGHTLY) for that, we get a ticket and ushering to a game we didn’t give a fuck for in the first place. Oh, we get a level 70 if we had an 85, and any other 85s turn into 35s in Elsword. Yeah, that’s great. Thanks.

Elsword did nothing but slowly murder Grand Chase while robbing it and now the Grand Chasers are just supposed to be okay with that after losing all that time into a game they loved a lot because KoG doesn’t fucking know how to manage two DIFFERENT games without fucking killing one.

Fuck KoG. I’m sticking to my statement.

Elsword will never be what Grand Chase was.

042715. 11 hours din kaming magkasama today hahahaha. Sinamahan niya kasi akong pumuntang pup para magbayad. After three hours of waiting at pagpila na sobrang haba huhu pumunta kaming sm para kumain at maglibot. Ang saya nanaman nitong araw na ‘to hahahaha. Mga 2 pm pumunta kami kila angge, tapos tumambay kami dun. Nagpatugtog sila tapos kami nalang nasa sala kasama sila ice at jitjit. Nagcocomputer sila sa gilid tapos deadma lang samin kasi parang gago na nakakakilig si gc hayop hahahahaha. Pinatugtog niya yung 'Kailan’ lakas maka-Laida at miggy eh no hahahaha. Tapos kumakanta siya habang nasa gilid ko tapos nakatitig yung tipong di mo alam san ka titingin sht lang hahahahaha. Lalo na dun sa part na chorus kasi pucha naman oh, di ko kasi siya crush non kasi nga may iba ako that time. Kaya saktong sakto yung kanta tapos tapos tapos huhu kinikilig na talaga ako non kaya kinukurot ko na siya pero di pa rin siya tumitigil nahihiya na ko kila ice kasi parang natatawa na din sila sa kagaguhan ni gc, tas yun tinapos niya talaga yung kanta. Bwiset, bakit ka ba ganyan huhu wag kang ganyan kinikilig ako hays lumalandi tuloy ako huhu