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The fresh blood pouring out of her neck and filling his mouth made him lose sigh of the fact that he had gone soft since he married Elena. The two were on the fritz and had decided to take a break from one another.Her idea for sure.He argued,tried to keep her from leaving but, the Gilbert always did whatever she wanted.

Her screams not only pulled him away from his thoughts of Elena but also caused him to dig his teeth in deeper.When he felt her neck begin to go limp,he pulls his fangs out letting her now lifeless body drop to the floor.For a moment he felt the high of the feeding but soon the loneliness came flooding back. With blood trickling out of his mouth,he stepped over the body,not caring about disposing of it like he always had.Bad idea.He didn`t want to deal with the raising of questions,and the pointless investigations the town would pull.
He turns back to the body,lifting it on the ground when he heard a branch snap behind him. He turned around quickly looking at the direction it came from with narrowed eyes. 

decided to try practicing body language in pixel art

and instead of working directly on You May I ended up doing it with a Gamecube girl whooops

here’s her with clothes because it feels weird without clothes (adding the clothes later makes it so much easier when swapping outfits)

alternate clothing design for GC is hard since the hoodie is already perfect so I might just stick with recolors honestly (also to nose or not to nose that is the question)

yes I have a problem

The effect of ecstasy on serotonin receptors in your brain. Ecstasy also known as MDMA completely damages serotonin receptors. 

Image courtesy of Dr. GC Ricaurte of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 

Don’t do drugs kids!