What if they were stuck out in the middle of nowhere? Or by this tiny little village and then it starts to snow? And they get snowed into this tiny little cabin that wasn’t built very well/is falling apart so it’s COLD and there’s SNOW and Zevran’s convinced that they’re both going to die because clearly nobody could survive this. 

(Rosaia just opens the door in the morning to show a layer of snow that not only does not block the door but only goes up to about her ankles.)

anonymous said:

what's the smallest crowd TWIABP has ever played to? What was that show like

TWIABP, Deer Leap, and Weatherbox played a show at my house to maybe 10 people. It was a cool show.
- derrick

Former AT&T partners petition FCC to block DirecTV bid

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - More than ninety former business partners of AT&T Inc are demanding the Federal Communications Commision block the wireless carrier’s $48.5 billion bid for DirecTV, saying the company engaged in anti-competitive behavior and violated fiduciary duty. In a filing with the FCC, the partners operating under the Minority Cellular Partners Coalition, accuse AT&T of squelching competition and knowingly harming its business partners. AT&T did not immediately respond to requests for comment. (Reporting by Marina Lopes, Editing by Franklin Paul) http://q.gs/7d0Nr