I’ve seen a couple posts over the past few days trying to answer the question, is X work of fiction more feminist than Y work of fiction? Which really made it clear to me why feminist* media criticism is such a disaster. 

[*my larger point applies to other types of media representation, but this is an issue I see most directly with explicitly feminist-labelled critics.] 

Most of the feminist media criticism I’ve seen is all about dividing fiction into categories of “pure” and “impure”. Is this work Objectively Good For Women? Compare to this checklist of Optimal Female Character Tropes and find out! Hence, the bitter debates about Game of Thrones or Age of Ultron: Both have their good points and their bad points (although I felt AoU was pretty innocuous from a feminist perspective and I’m not sure what all the fuss is about), but that makes them hard to systematize. “I dislike this specific aspect of GoT” isn’t controversial. “GoT is objectively good/bad for feminism” is

And then you get questions like - should we portray worlds where misogyny and sexual violence are a regular fact of life, because that’s a reality for lots of women, or should we write escapist fantasy that gets away from all that? Should women in feminist works of fiction have stereotypically female weakness provided that they’re already well-rounded characters, or should they subvert those tropes even when they have some basis in reality? And the problem here is that the answer to these kinds of questions is, obviously, yes. Give us everything. 

No book or movie or TV show can be all things to all people. Nor should it. Some women want to read about fantasy matriarchies, and others want to see characters with their life experiences portrayed in a positive light for once, even as they’re victimized, and some of us couldn’t care less about gender as an axis of representation and are perfectly happy playing in the corner with our unnecessarily complex world-building. There’s no point in asking if the approach one things takes is Objectively Best For Women. No such animal. 

And every time you tear something down for being not feminist enough, even if it has real problems with the way it portrays women, you’re probably hurting someone who did find something meaningful and important in it. 

Aiko in canon part 6

Aiko gives out great advice- she thinks so, at least. She has zero comprehension of the possible consequences of what she might have just done at this juncture. But, hey, she’s mentoring.

Kakashi-sensei was as still and stiff as he’d been when she’d slipped into sleep after her shift at watch. Only now, his cheeks were pale and he was clammy to the touch. Sakura swallowed hard. She watched sweat well up and join the dampness in his hairline.

His breathing was shallow but steady.

Sakura took his pulse. She confirmed that he didn’t have a fever. She decided to ask Tsunami-san to help her pour some water down his throat later. He hadn’t had a drink in over twelve hours, so he must need some, right?

‘What do I do if he doesn’t wake up? He has to eat still, right? And go to the bathroom and- and other stuff. Right?’

She wiped at her face with her sleeve. Contemplating it was terrifying. She wasn’t trained in this.

‘I don’t know what to do.’

It was so stupid. Everything was stupid. If they’d just gone home when they’d found out their client was a dirty liar, none of this would have happened. Why hadn’t they listened to the rules?

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at least i’m writing. i’ve been so numb lately. i haven’t written in my actual journal for quite a while. i need the courage to move on in life. people don’t magically grow into themselves. it takes time, acceptance, and comfort. i don’t have enough of the three.

on some real shit, the past month has been insane for me

i got dumped just days before graduation, finished rebranding a tequila company, lost my favorite sweater, lost my job because it was a student position, went to LA to clear my head out, met a really cool jawn, spent all my graduation money, caught up on all the music ive missed in the past like 4+ months, played my first set in SF, met some of the coolest artists/people, and have done nothing but work on tunes for the past week. i also spent my day today reading about the fermi paradox and artificial intelligence and electric cars and all kinds of random shit.

ive also taken the time to act upon some of the things ive been pondering for months now, like trying not to be a hater (mainly music wise because thats really where my energy goes), enjoying myself, and having a better outlook on life like i used to. i realized that my parents and my sisters are my rocks and i can always depend on them. also my friends are the nicest kindest people and i love them to death. theyre like the brothers i never had.

recently ive also been trying to reconnect with the people from my past. im tired of always burning bridges with the people i care about. i know ive been a shitty person to a few people out there, but im only human. im just trying to be more honest and transparent. were all human. we all feel the same things. we can all relate in that sense. and if theres anything i can do to make this place a bit more bearable, im all for it.

i feel like if this crazy turn of events were to have happened to me 4 months ago or even a year ago i would have gone nuts. im just glad to have grown and to continue growing. 

as far as getting dumped, its still stings. but i know ill be okay. and for the first time i can honestly say that im not bitter. someone made the decision to no longer be with me, and thats okay. were all birds. we all have free will. but what gets to me the most is that i feel as if i just lost my best friend. maybe with time, we’ll get there again. but if not, at least i have the memories. we had a lot of good times. we both grew a lot. it was honestly the best relationship ive ever had. and for the first time im not letting the end define it. ive got nothing but love for that girl. ive got nothing but love for everyone.

im also really grateful for having a lot of great opportunities come my way lately. im trying to take every shot i can. you miss all the shots you dont take. and i dont want to live my life with a bunch of “what ifs” lingering in my head.

im feelin really blessed. i have everything i need. now the only way to go from here is up.


when i was still in nyc this fire escape outside the window in my room in the apartment was my favorite place and i would spend hours in between going out places all day and sit out here. i’d go to the market in harlem in the morning and then throughout the day eat all my fruit out here and smoke and write. those moments felt so personal and gloomy / i have a lot of tender feelings about them

When me and tellyouiminsane were getting ready for our turn to go meet taylor we started dancing in loft 89 to release energy and someone from Taylor’s team that was organizing the m&g started laughing and filmed our killer moves so taylorswift if you want to see what we looked like right before meeting you there is video evidence somewhere

Luke putting flowers in your hair when you’re on a picnic date with him and he gasps, quickly taking pictures of you bc he thinks you look pretty damn cute with them.