brad simpson - part 1 of ?

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"You can’t just go around doing things like that! It’s rude and basically just makes you an asshole." This was the third time in the last 4 days that her and Brad had argued. This time, it was about some stupid inappropriate joke that Brad had made towards the waitress earlier that day when they had decided to go out for lunch. It really wasn’t that big of a deal but both had them had been finding any excuse to tear pieces out of each other for the past 2 weeks.

You see, things had never been the same since Brad got back from tour. There were silent nights in the same bed but they were constantly led back to back in the hours they were awake. Sometimes she would wake up in the middle of the night to find his arm had be placed lazily over her with him digging his head into the crook of her neck, she wondered if it was unintentional and just a habit of his that he had without him even having the faintest idea. They would both wake up in the morning, her not even daring to mention whatever argument they’d had the night before, only to share a few words which were mostly ‘Morning’ and ‘Thankyou’ when Brad placed her breakfast on the table. This seemed to be repeated most mornings since he’d got back, they would both push around the food on their plates until they had managed to pretty much force the food down their throats just so that they would have some kind of excuse not to exchange awkward sentences. Yeah, I guess that was the best word to describe what their relationship had turned into. Awkward. ‘Is this how I should be feeling? Should I be so scared to talk to someone who I love to death?’ these were just a few questions that went through her head every day and it was true, she loved him to death and there was no question about that. He felt exactly the same way. So this is where we move onto Brad. He was never like this, he used to always be so talkative and affectionate towards her. He would cuddle her, give her sweet pecks on the lips, take her out places that she wanted to go and he even took her out with him and his friends so he didn’t have to go a second less than he had to when he didn’t see her pretty little face.

They both thought that this morning would be like every other morning but today, it was different. They had finally finished the ritual of eating their breakfast when she finally plucked up the courage to speak.

"Are you ok?" were all that she could bring her self to say right then.
“I’m fine” he replied bluntly, not taking his eyes off his phone. He was just scrolling though his twitter feed, not really bothered about actually reading any of it he just needed some kind of distraction from actually looking her in the eyes because he knew the moment that he did, all of his self control would suddenly be taken away from him. He knew that if that happened, the only option he would have would be to stand up and hold her and never let go but he couldn’t do it, not this time.. not again.

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Bad Blood

Something wasn’t right.  One minute she was with Alice and Avery was bothering her, the next she was beginning to feel light-headed.  Alice looked at her with concern, setting her hand on her arm and asking her. 

“I’m okay, I’m just going to get some air.  I didn’t drink, I have to do rounds in an hour,” Amelia assured her before stumbling out of the Ravenclaw common room and heading for one of the windows.  She made it a few steps before leaning against the wall, her hand pressing against the cold stone, trying to use it to stay upright. 

“Hey Amelia, you look like you could sit down,” she heard Avery’s voice behind her, his hand on her waist. 

“Go away, I’m fine,” she slurred, holding the wall.

“You don’t look very fine, I think you should lay down,” he tried to guide her. 

“What did you do?” she whispered before hearing another set of footsteps coming towards them. 

“Amelia, are you okay?” she heard the last person she ever thought was standing there, Remus ask her hesitantly.

“She’s fine,” Avery tried to say, but Amelia cut him off.

“Don’t.  I didn’t- I didn’t drink,” she said, stumbling in her heels as she started to slide down the wall. 

“She had a lot to drink, I’m just going to take her upstairs to her room so she can sleep it off.  It’s none of your business, half-breed,” Avery hissed.

It didn’t take much for Remus to put the pieces together.  The word alone had his hand twitching at his side, but when he realized what he was trying to do, his hand connecting with his jaw. 

“Okay, Amelia, I’m going to pick you up now, okay?” he asked before scooping the redhead up and making his way back to the Gryffindor Tower.  She was completely unconscious by the time he walked into the common room, struggling to keep her head from lolling to the side.  

you love with dizzying honesty and you inspire me with your passion. waking up with you kissing me and whispering how happy you are to love me brings me more-than-joy, bigger-than-joy feelings. you are sunshine, you bought me sunflowers because i wanted them and you want to water your succulent everyday. you read fantasy novels and eat grapes and are too verbose in recipes but it’s only because you want to make sure people do it right. you’re afraid of butterflies but only because you don’t want to crush them. you are an angel and a wonder you’re too good for me and for anyone.

Guess who got photoshop cs5? This girl. Which means I can get back into making gifs again! They’re still kinda rough right now because I’m still learning but they’re better than the crappy ones I was making before. So be prepared for gifs coming your way once again! Unfortunately I won’t be taking any requests right now like I used to, because I have way too much work to do and I won’t have time to fill them all. But I will be making them periodically! :)