Saturday of Omni Expo, I debuted my secret cosplay. I did Lightning in Yuna’s garbs from FFXIII-3. I was so happy with the positive reviews on this. I was really nervous because I hated my shield but a lot of people liked it! It was my first time working with Eva foam so it was definitely an experience. It was really fun talking to everyone and meeting all you amazing cosplayers. If you have any photos of Me, I would love to see them. These photos were taken by Shutter Spade Snapshots

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Hello there fair red-haired beauty :) How are you doing?

I’m well, just playing some FFXIII. :D

What are you guys gonna do when I go back to being blonde in a couple of weeks? XD

I guess I can be Lucy, what with the writing and all. Though I’ll never be as cute as her. Hahahaha.

かわいい、かわいい、かわいい!!!  (*´д`*)                                                       私は自分自身の原理スケッチを発明した。私は非常にこの夫婦の影響を受けていました! 

Forgive me for my Japanese if it is wrong. Just learning.( ̄□ ̄) 


get to know me meme[4/5] favourite female characters:
Oerba Yun Fang
Final Fantasy XIII (2010)

“Fang is a mysterious woman who is working with the Sanctum military despite bearing the mark of the detested l'Cie. Strong-minded and disinclined to mince words, she has the demeanor of someone wholly unconcerned by life’s trivialities.”