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I don't appreciate you calling foot fetishes "nasty" as you did in that tag. Everybody gets their kicks off whatever it may be. Please be polite.

Fuck off you nasty ass. You know I tagged that “nasty” because those feet were dirty. Go jerk off to a shoe commercial.

honestly like iron man 3 was so important to me as someone who was coming to terms with having anxiety and having attacks all the time because wow there was a superhero like me and for tony it was just something to try and work with and to try and overcome and idk it just means so much to me and i’m really thankful to marvel for that

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Lol. K.... They are making it really hard to keep this ship afloat. "I tried" ugh. I keep telling myself it's over but deep down I still have hope. Every time shit like this happens my heart literally sinks.

Hope is my favorite word. 😊