30 Day FMA Challenge: Day 29 - Thoughts on the Ending?

Well, there’s technically three conclusions: 2003’s TV ending, Conqueror of Shamballa, and Brotherhood’s ending.

2003’s TV ending is my favorite of the three. Sure, there was a lot left ambiguous, but that’s how I prefer it. Endings like that give you more to think about and come to your own conclusions. Besides, nearly everything was left they way I felt it should be. Dante is defeated, Roy and Riza are together, Wrath has a chance to start again with Izumi, Envy is sucked into the void of the gate…Sure, Ed and Al are separated, but tragedy can be key to a lasting impression, and they’ve resolved to meet again someday. I think that’s enough, Ed needs some kind of sacrifice or his arc wouldn’t be complete.

Unnntiillll Conqueror of Shamballa just had to show up and ruin that all. I felt the ending was just fine as it was and that Shamballa was both unsatisfying and unnecessary…but let’s not get into that.

As for Brotherhood, it was definitely the middle ground. Ed’s character arc felt far more rounded, and Ling’s promise to protect the Xingese clans was heartwarming. Of course, perhaps my favorite bit was Edward’s dorky proposal to Winry. That said, I had some problems with just how happily everything was tied up. It almost felt like too much at times. 

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