[3/5] Favourite Anime Characters of Winter 2015
Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!x2 Shou)

"It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious."
-Oscar Wilde (Izaya's favourite quote)

Happy Birthday, Izaya!! (May 4)

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  • ace attorney (phoenix wright, apollo justice etc)

barbipls asked:

Give some angst for today then u_u

Okay angsty Shizaya fic-rec:

Beautiful Mess  (not really angsty, more drama/romance but still good)

Hospitals (ohmygod one of my all time faves)

What Might Have Been (put actual tears in my eyes)

All the Wrong Reasons  (A must for Shizaya fans to read)

Precious Devotion (not totally angsty but has some angst in it) 

Chronic (everyone knows Chronic is THE angsty Shizaya fic and it’s also in my top 5)

Love Blind Eyes (also a must for angsty Shizaya)

Basically anything by thirteen-forty-two because they’re amazing at angsty fics that will make you cry but especially the ones I mentioned above and Cemetery Weather and Chemical Apathy and Last Kiss (oh god I cry thinking about them, especially Last Kiss okay) 

Also shizuos has some very angsty fics but you should just read all of hers.

I hope that gives you your angsty fill!

P.S.: I don’t read fics with rape in them. I used to when i first started reading fics but for many reasons (mainly because I don’t support/condone rape and I think writing about it and reading it supports rape culture) I’ve stopped reading them and even though there are a lot of rape/abuse fics in the Shizaya fandom that are equated with the “angsty genre,” I will not recommend any.