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I hate going back to elementary school because all the teachers knew my family was odd I guess you could say so anytime they see me all the teachers are like “your sister has like 4 kids right??” And then I’m like “no 5” and they just don’t know how to respond like they try to be nice about it but they can’t even fake it

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Laughs. Nudity isn’t strange in werewolf families considering they’re naked when they full shift. They all also shared clothes. The leather jacket Brody wears belonged to his dad. Most of his t-shirts were Jimmy’s and his rug sack was Julie’s.

I know that but SHE doesn’t bc she doesn’T K NOW SIGHS LOUDLY .. 

latterman wrote songs calling out shit punk bands and shit punks in like 2004 trying to address the bad shit but seems like too many folks were like ‘nah, let’s just write the lyrics to “Mt Diablo” and think that’s fucking appropriate’ smdh


I love art. I like all of art genre.

For example, pottery, oriental painting, illustration, photo, landscape, watercolor, drawing… 

I like all of them. So I wish I can draw well. 

Unfortunately, elementary school student’s drawing is better than mine.

I’m not good at art. So I want to learn how to draw and paint. 

And when I have a free time, I hope to go to the museum or gallery,