bought skyrim again and oh my god i missed it so much ive been playing for hours im so happy wowowowow i already have a pony his name is pudding and ive just been sneaking around stealing cheese and stuff and pickpocketing and exploring this is great

bobbityhobbity replied to your post:i’m so proud of korra though…. she held out for so…

That was so fucking upsetting though. She was clearly in so much pain. I had a blanket over my head.

YEAH IT WAS REALLY PAINFUL TO WATCH and i just kept crossing my fingers that if she actually did go into the Avatar State, she’d be more powerful than them and blow them all to kingdom come. and it happened, but god it was nerrrvewrackingggg

Igen, kedves utcai árus, a fenékbe vágó bugyid megigazitásához a legjobb hely a villamosmegálló.