Min from Miss A - twerk


Purfles are a nugu group with an odd sounding name but the vocals are incredible, as is this video (one of their sexy male dancers is even black, a bonus). Apparently their mini will drop soon as well? Either way, I’m excited for them and think you will be too.


I personally feel like when it comes to strong and powerful choreography from K-Pop artists the men have the women beat 8 times out of 10. Choreography from the female groups will regularly try to incorporate lots of cute or provocative moves and gestures, and although they usually attract a lot of attention from fans, more than half the time I’m left unimpressed. 

The dance routine for the song ”Beatles” by the female group Global Icon (or G.I.) is a complete exception. The choreography for this song is so strong and tight and the moves flow together so well, I couldn’t believe it when I first watched it. It actually reminds me of the dance routines used by female artists in the 90’s and it’s the best that I’ve seen from a female group in a LONG time.

Their moves show confidence and confidence is sexy, even in baggy shirts, basketball shorts and gym shoes. The song itself actually isn’t bad either, I’m tempted to think that the song would actually get airplay here in America if the lyrics were re-sung in English.

Unfortunately because of their unique tough-tomboy image, GI hasn’t been getting a lot of attention (compared to their competition).


Miss A’s min twerk part 2

This one is a bit better then her fail attempt on “all the kpop”



"Every Kingdom is kind of . .it’s not really a physical thing, it’s not like a kingdom or a castle or like a place particularly, it’s this idea of memories and kingdoms you build without being too hippie (laughs) and I don’t know, I sound like a loon. It’s like kingdoms you build up in yourself like your emotions and your friendship groups, the places you live and your feelings and all that sort of stuff, it’s the idea of all of these things, this combination. The record is the last 3 years of my life it’s a lot of my own memories and my own feelings. It’s really introvert and it’s really. . it’s a selfish record all about me. That’s what Every Kingdom is about. . Everything is the summary track of the album, it’s all this stuff that led up to now and there’s a fresh start."


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