Came across an ereri cmv while I was listening to some relaxing music 🎶 and I literally just paused to catch the moment >////< it’s been a while since I drew realistic portrait-like #kiss #teasing #YouTube #cute #levixeren #levi #eren #otp #fanart #anime #manga #japan #graphite #drawing #draw #art #instadraw #pencil #sketch #instasketch #doodle #instadoodle #characterdesign #sketchbook #spookybunny #進撃の巨人 #ereri #riren #shingekinokyojin #attackontitan


From the minds of Gothichamlet and Captain-Mindfang, [S] Ancestors: Remember Me. This video focuses on the Ancestors and their stories from Homestuck. Filmed over 7 hours at Katsucon 2015.

Video/editing: FinalFlick
Ancestors: Signless / Young Handmaid / Handmaid / The Summoner / Psiioniic / Disciple
Dolorosa / Redglare / Mindfang / Darkleer / Grand Highblood / Dualscar / Condesce
Others: Karkat / OC troll

This video is a corporation with our local newspaper! We had so much fun doing this and our host did a great job as Hussie :D more information in the videodescription.

(caution: seizure / epilepsy warning!)


armin sings the song of his long lost father

After 4 mile hike into the mountains in the freezing rain with gyuunyuuu

Ballistic Advantage​ Hanson barrels are designed by Clint Hanson to be accurate, lightweight, and superior barrel harmonics for increased accuracy.

With a near straight profile with minimal sharp angles, tuned gas ports, and shorter gas systems, these barrels offer a great balance of accuracy and reliability.  

Furthermore, the barrels are made from 4150 CMV Steel (durable enough for machine gun barrel applications) which is also Melonited/Salt Bath Nitrided which makes the barrels extremely hard and extremely rust/corrosion resistant.

Best part?  $220 for the barrel and pinned melonited gas block!

Got more coming in here shortly!

I’ve been shooting and hiking with a 14.0 build for a bit, and it’s been great.  I paired the 14.0 with a Centurion Arms Modular Rail in 12.0

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I have to ask, what were you saying during that segment in the "Remember Me" CMV when the Signless was preaching and talking so animatedly? Was it anything in particular?

For that particular clip, I have no idea! XP  I improved a different Signless speech each take, but most were something along the lines of a peaceful call to arms.

For the scene with Psiioniic-Disciple-Dolorosa-Signless, we started getting really ridiculous around the fourth take in.  I am pretty sure one of the shots started with “Mom, I’m pregnant, it’s Mituna’s.”

[ETA to clear up any confusion: This gif is from here!]

Okay so

I know for a fact that cosplay has impacted me and my friends in many positive ways. Cosplay is something that people do and can admire on an international scale. It’s a creative, supportive, and expressive hobby for people. Whether you made it yourself or bought it online, whether you cosplay a small fandom or a big one, whether you make cmvs and go to photo shoots or are just a closet cosplayer it is something that is enjoyed and holds a place in the heart of so many people. 

I want to do something that will bring us together and that the world can see WHY those weird people are dressed up funny, so parents can see WHY their kids buy wigs and and spend hours making costumes, not just see but hopefully understand. 

So send in pictures of your cosplays and a short 1-2 minute video saying who you are and how cosplay has impacted you, why you do it, how you started, anything you want. 

You can pm me these things or send them to  thepowerofcosplay@gmail.com or put them under the tag #thepowerofcosplay 

I’ll put up an update for when I need them by if people actually do this.

Thank you. 


Scotland is an Angel with Shotgun (Scoteng CMV) by KamisWorld

Best CMV that I’ve ever seen and I’ve watched it a million times. Watch and love it. Thank you Kami and Tobo!

Heterophile antibody test, CMV and EBV mnemonic

Hi everyone!

Now - a - days, monospot test is used to diagnose infectious mononucleosis rapidly.

But heterophile antibody test was used in the past and remembering it is high yield for exams.

Infectious mononucleosis is caused by EBV, which gives a heterophile positive antibody test.

In a minority of cases, infectious mononucleosis is caused by CMV, which gives a heterophile negative antibody test.

How do I remember this?



Winter London Film & Comic Con (WLFCC) - October 2013 Uploaded By Sneaky Zebra

Video Link:


I accomplished my goal of making it into a Cosplay Music Video! I’m the Neptune from like halfway through. Sooooo thrilled. Thank you Close Quarters Cosplay for the opportunity. (Also check out my friend ifightdragonites sweet dance moves as Star Lord at the end.

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hockey!luke getting distracted by watching you in the crowd and almost loses the game and so after, when you sneak out to the locker room when everyone else leaves, you look for him but you can't find him but then he grabs you and pins you against the wall and he's all sweaty and hot and bothered and breathing heavily and presses his hard on against you while grinding as he harshly whispers "I almost lost the game because of you.. bad girl... I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson now" FU CMV M ER


Insult, really

When NaruHina and SasuSaku AMVs or CMVs are made, based off on the song, Thousand Years by Christina Perri, it is nothing more than an insult to such a beautiful song. I mean, really, how can you have the nerve to portray such horrific abuse for women and unrequited love as true and pure love? I don’t get it, at all. NaruSaku and NaruSasuNaru pairs are fitting for such a beautiful song.

Heck, even Edward & Bella’s love story is million times better than the ridiculous forced and rushed pairings like NaruHina and SasuSaku. At the very least, Edward and Bella’s love and affection for each other was very fucking obvious, thank you very much.



The Pretty Ladies Hetalia CMV

by: opperationpecan

Werk it. <3


➳B U Y G O L D➳

Mini CMV featuring Bill Cipher!