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You know what one of my favorite Larry pics is? The blue scooter pic. The smiles, Louis' arms around Harry's waist, the sense of normality and comfort. There's just something so...homey and warm and nice about that photo. And something tooth-rottingly sweet. It's the kind of picture you'd show off to strangers or relatives, like 'this is my son and his boyfriend!' Or the kind their grandchildren would find up in the attic decades from now, thinking, 'wow, they were in love from the start.'

God, I know.

my cat chewed off my phone’s charger. i mean, i would have thought it was funny if it weren’t that today has already been a bad day:

  1. my pants’ button came off after it got stuck in my hammock
  2. i was late to work bc i had to find another pair of pants
  3. i broke a glass in the office
  4. got my hand burn w hot coffee
  5. boss lost her credit card, it was chaotic. we found it after all.
  6. i got a small piece of wood stuck in my finger when carrying something
  7. a big lady pushed me off the way on the bus and i hit my head on a tube
  8. i tripped while walking downtown
  9. my fucking charger is useless now that my cat did this
  10. i’ll have to buy a new one
  11. i hate wasting money
  12. kill me tbh

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I followed you with my boobs!

This is the kind of raw talent I look for in my followers, you amaze me